View Full Version : Welcoming some ol' Mates back to the Forum.

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October 15th, 2005, 02:00 PM
As people are probably aware from the discussions made in the Rants sections about Zero posters, I've taken the duty of contacting some of these members which signed up between 30/4/2003 to 18/5/2003 - Page 1 of the members list.

In return, I got some interesting results, here are some active members I've recorded: elecdata1, tds, SteveH & 81delorean - welcome to the forum folks, hope to hear from you soon (even if you need to Rant or chit-chat).

One particular member I wish to welcome into our forum though is larryfos - 'fraid you're no longer part of the Zero club, though your input is very much apprieciated, thankyou.

In the meanwhile, if anyone wants to help out contacting the zero club that would be great too - just PM me for the details if you're interested.