View Full Version : T/S 1000, Sinclair ZX 81

November 6th, 2005, 05:23 AM
Does anyone know where I can find one of these machines for cheap? I've always wanted one and cannot find one anywhere around here. I really don't want to sign up for ''Fee-Bay'' to bid on one and I really think some people bid too much for them, but other auctions they go for like 5 bucks.

A friend of mine would really like to get his hands on one as well and I said if I ever got one I would let him use it too.

So does anyone have one of these they wouldn't mind parting with? It can be either version and I don't care if it's mint or is missing the instructions, box, printer, or programs. Just the working unit and any essentials would be fine.

Please, I can't afford to pay much for it.