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November 6th, 2005, 06:25 AM
Nature Priciple
Everyone knows that Einsteins one of the great physicist in human history.He devoted himself to the theory of relatving all his life.It brought about a new era and made a great progress in science and technology for mankind.
Now a day,it comes into being a man who is a Chinese Einsteins.His appearance makes us get into a brand-new scientific times. He resolves almost all the important questions about the history of physics .These questions that Einsteins and other scientist were unable to settle the issue .Chinese Einsteins has presented the new world in the face of us The third physical revolution has began.
Therefore press circles broadcasted a title about China scholars pose time and space’s new conception and external electrify . It points out the principle about“nature principle”,develops Einsteins’ narrow sense theory and tales shape write field theory .HongKong’ “Grand Duke Paper ”with the title of “The Third Physical Revolution”,specialy visited its author,ZHANGHUI. “China Daily ”, “Science and technology,” “Ecnomic Daily”, “Daily Paper”,HongKong’s “Cultural report Daily”and “Business Daily” and so on,once write a paper to this end.
The author who is named ZhangHui. Using his “nature principle” to carry out all .In 1996, “Nature Principle” as a physical monograph ,comes out from jilin university’s publishing house. In 1997. Jinlin province committee according the country science and technology fruit manage rules to carry on science and technology fruit identify and pass through this indentify.
“Nature Principle” theory put Einsteins time and space sense extend.It posed new time and space conception.And in the foundation of Einsteins’ narrow sense theory, annoucing this new time and space conception and material qualitys relation.It developed Einsteins’ narrow sense theory.and get time and space conception’s new theory. He discoved new natural law Which is not put forward by forefathers.
Making use of this new principle , ZhangHui revealed quantum mechanics’ basic equation in theories, It fulfilled relativity and quantum mechaics’unite.Einsteins wanted to finished it but did not .Using this new theory.ZhangHui revealed the law of universal gravitation. Coulomb’s law mutual action law.Just as famous American citizen of Chinese origin.Nobel phsical prize winner Lizhangdao point out “unite field”theory was a scientific and natural brought force law which was revealed with a match posture.ZhangHui brought about an ideal .and built “unite field”theory.It realized mankind’s great ideal.
“Nature Principle”revealed universal gravitation and intensive interact theory, It provided a new theory implement about microcosmic paticle phycical research. This major surmount will lead to artificial nuclear fusion and apply research’s surmount. Once people carry out this surmount,it will resolve all the human energy.
All this things are other physist wanted to achieve the goal. We can say that “Nature Principle”finished all the theory that the forefather don’t fulfilled important theory work.Creating a physical new era.Go beyond the times’scintific programs and a new scientific peak.
“Nature Principle”gets approval and good appraised from the Chinese Academy of Sciences’famous academican and other in and out scientist. This book has been come out in Japan at present.
“Nature Rule’is a great work.but this book and his author were in trouble.He has no capacity for us reading this book.This achievement can give service to our country. Therefore,We append all the people can read thes book and pay close attention to his author.
Because of lacking money,Zhanghui did not finish his publication . We hope that everyone and every organization can contribute money to support this book’s publiscation in and out.
So we will sell copyright of 《Nature Priciple》. If you buy it, please contact us.

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