View Full Version : Shipping Woes!!!!

November 9th, 2005, 10:09 AM
I've read a number of the complaints and ravings about shipping your prize
possesions and finding them damaged or lost.
And I don't want to promote one company over another but ,I ship 30 to 70
packages everyday Fed Ex and every package is insured for a minimum of $100.00 at no charge . The additional charge for more (Declared Value) is $1.20 for the additional $100.00 and $0.35 for every $100.00 after that. So for under $2.00 you can insure your package for $250.00 and so forth.
The Label that is printed for an insured package has a very distinct DV on it telling the carrier that the package has a Declared Value on it. They tend to be a little more careful about these packages for obvious reasons . Claims can be E-filed to Fed Ex and they have been reasonable dealing with me.
And this is a way to make claims for lost packages,damaged packages and packages that were not delivered on time if a time delivered order was sent.
Also try to keep packages under 72 lbs which is the cheapest rate

Hope this might help someone out