View Full Version : searching for Ultima II, PC version, 1982/3 release

October 26th, 2010, 05:17 AM
I'm doing some research on this game (Ultima III was my favorite game of all time) and am interested in knowing its history. This game was apparently released before DOS had support for subdirectories, and spanned multiple disks. When the game was re-released for the Ultima I-III trilogy, they had to make some modifications to it because some filenames were duplicated but were originally on different disks, so merging all the data into 1 folder for the re-release proved to be difficult, and apparently some mistakes had been made along the way. I'd like to see what it was that they were up against when they first tried to move the game off multiple floppy disks. PC games on floppy disks (and moving them off floppy disks) has been a bit of a hobby of mine for decades.

Anyway, I'm curious if anyone here has it and can possibly shed some more light on the subject.

November 16th, 2010, 10:18 PM
I have a disk image but the files are on one disk. The original PC release was 3 disks, released in 1982 with the PC release date in 1983. Here is a list of the files on the disc I have and their sizes. I done a quick search and can't find the 3 disc version. I'll have a look when I get home as I have a fairly decent DOS collection.
mapx00 4,224 bytes
mapx03 4,224 bytes
mapx10 4,224 bytes
mapx11 4,224 bytes
mapx15 4,224 bytes
mapx20 4,224 bytes
mapx21 4,224 bytes
mapx22 4,224 bytes
mapx23 4,224 bytes
mapx24 4,224 bytes
mapx25 4,224 bytes
mapx30 4,224 bytes
mapx31 4,224 bytes
mapx32 4,224 bytes
mapx33 4,224 bytes
mapx34 4,224 bytes
mapx35 4,224 bytes
mapx40 4,224 bytes
mapx41 4,224 bytes
mapx44 4,224 bytes
mapx45 4,224 bytes
mapx50 4,224 bytes
mapx60 4,224 bytes
mapx61 4,224 bytes
mapx70 4,224 bytes
mapx71 4,224 bytes
mapx80 4,224 bytes
mapx81 4,224 bytes
mapx82 4,224 bytes
mapx85 4,224 bytes
mapx90 4,224 bytes
mapx92 4,224 bytes
mapx93 4,224 bytes
monsters 2,176 bytes
monx00 384 bytes
monx03 384 bytes
monx10 384 bytes
monx11 384 bytes
monx15 384 bytes
monx20 384 bytes
monx21 384 bytes
monx22 384 bytes
monx23 384 bytes
monx24 384 bytes
monx25 384 bytes
monx30 384 bytes
monx31 384 bytes
monx32 384 bytes
monx33 384 bytes
monx34 384 bytes
monx35 384 bytes
monx40 384 bytes
monx41 384 bytes
monx44 384 bytes
monx45 384 bytes
monx50 384 bytes
monx60 384 bytes
monx61 384 bytes
monx70 384 bytes
monx71 384 bytes
monx80 384 bytes
monx81 384 bytes
monx82 384 bytes
monx85 384 bytes
monx90 384 bytes
monx92 384 bytes
monx93 384 bytes
picdng 16,384 bytes
picdra 16,512 bytes
picmin 16,384 bytes
picout 16,384 bytes
picspa 16,384 bytes
pictwn 16,384 bytes
player 384 bytes
tlkx03 384 bytes
tlkx11 384 bytes
tlkx21 384 bytes
tlkx22 384 bytes
tlkx23 384 bytes
tlkx31 384 bytes
tlkx32 384 bytes
tlkx33 384 bytes
tlkx41 384 bytes
tlkx61 384 bytes
tlkx71 384 bytes
tlkx81 384 bytes
tlkx82 384 bytes
tlkx92 384 bytes
tlkx93 384 bytes
ultimaii.exe 37,344 bytes