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October 26th, 2010, 02:59 PM
this came to me via email. I don't have an answer, so I thought I'd throw it out here:

I was hoping you could help me identify an old game for the apple 2e. It was
all DOS. I remember the game as "TRUCKER". There were no graphics that I
remember. It was a trucking game, however I am almost positive it was not Cross
Country USA as I tried playing that (unsuccessfully-couldn't get it to load) on

The game would start out where you had to either buy "new tires" or "retreds"
Then you had to decide what product you were going to haul from coast to coast.
If you chose the fruit it had to be there in a certain time otherwise it would
go bad. You could also choose mail and one other which i can not remember.

Then the game would ask you "how fast do you want to travel for the next hour?"
You could then type in a number up to 80.

It would then say"you traveled 80 miles" and then tell you how much further you
had to go.

If you went over the speed limit, you could get a speeding ticket.

If you went to fast in bad weather, you could wreck.

If you did not take a few hours to sleep, you could wreck.

Does this ring any bells?

It would have been about 20-25 years ago.