View Full Version : Pictures of the Tandberg TDV-2114

November 4th, 2010, 10:41 AM
I have now been able to take pictures of the Tandberg TDV-2114 computer. I realized that there were 5 more cardslots on the other side of the monitor, and 4 of those were populated.

The complete list of cards are:

Floppy disk K-82885-0 (supports two 8" SSSD drives)
Cluster interface K-92619-2 (Supports seven I/O ports for cluster terminals, three of them seems to have some kind of direct CPU I/O support)
RAM K-92615-1 (16KB RAM of the Intel B2107B-6 kind)
PROM-CR-PT8 K-92780-2 (has socets for up to 16KB of ROM, curently none of them are being used)
RAM K-31022-1 (48KB RAM of the HYB4116 kind)
Display 1 K-92647-4 (Monochrome graphics, part 1)
Display 2 K-92651-5 (Monochrome graphics, part 2, contains 4KB of P2102A-2 video memory, 4KB of D3624-4 graphics ROM and a pushbutton to invert the display)
CPU K-92539-4 (Contains an 8080, 4KB of P2102A-4 RAM, and 4KB of boot ROM.

RIMG0361.jpg = External disk drive front
RIMG0362.jpg = External disk drive back
RIMG0372.jpg = RAM card with 48KB of RAM
RIMG0365.jpg = Cluster interface
RIMG0363.jpg = Floppy disk drive controller

November 4th, 2010, 10:47 AM
More pictures:
RIMG0367.JPG = RAM cards with 16KB of RAM
RIMG0369.JPG = Unused ROM card
RIMG0375.JPG = Display adapter 2
RIMG0373.JPG = Display adapter 1
RIMG0379.JPG = CPU card (note the blue wire going to the left; that's the loose one)

November 4th, 2010, 11:01 AM
The last round of pictures:
RIMG0377.JPG = Right card slots without cards
RIMG0378.JPG = Left card slots with cards
RIMG0385.JPG = Back cover
RIMG0391.JPG = Correct setup
RIMG0387.JPG = System unit without cover

I also ran a test of the system without the CPU card. The result can be seen here (read the descrpiton):