View Full Version : The Rat Pack - who are they did you say?

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November 17th, 2005, 11:48 AM
In actual fact members of The Rat Pack actually changed, not sure how many combinations they had. Frank Sinatra I believe was always within this group & Humphery Bogart was one of the original members of the pack.

The topic in reference to Casino showrooms though I was thinking of the later Pack - which were in the Original Oceans 11 (circa 1960) which had:

* Frank Sinantra
* Dean Martin
* Sammy Davis Jnr
* Peter Lawford
* Shirley Mclaine

If anyone like myself likes the Canonball Run movies (no polls this time
lads ;-) I should point out the 2nd Canonball Run movie they made was
the last time this Rat Pack got together.

Not sure if Robin & the Seven Hoods was another of The Rat Pack movies,
it had Frank, Dean & Sammy alongside some other great actors - Peter
Falk & Bing Crosby for example.

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