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July 21st, 2003, 01:15 PM
I hope that there is a VC forum member in the area of Sterling Virginia who is willing to "rescue" the IMS 8000 machine being sold in the auction referenced below. The seller states that "If there are no bids, the machine and disks will be taken to the Loudoun County, Virginia landfill."

Here's a link to the auction:


Considering the volume of stuff it would be a shame to see it lost like that.

For those not interested in hitting eBay, I've copied the auction text below:

IMS 8000 S-100 computer system

This computer has a Z-80 processor, 64KB (128KB?) of RAM, and dual half-height 8" DSDD floppy drives. The 8" drives were replaced about 5 years ago; the machine has seen little use since then.
Some assorted spare boards are included, as are about 500 floppies including master disks for CP/M, CP/M Plus, MP/M, PL/I, and lots of other software.

A manual is included, and notebooks containing BIOS listings and notes on drivers.

Industrial Micro Systems made systems of legendary reliability, and this machine, over 20 years old, is no exception. I used it a couple of months ago, and it worked perfectly.

However, I'm short of space, so this piece of equipment needs a new home fast. It is large and heavy, with wooden sides and a steel chassis. I will not even attempt to ship it. The auction winner must pick it up in Sterling, Virginia. If there are no bids, the machine and disks will be taken to the Loudoun County, Virginia landfill.

Please note: I have nothing to do with this auction, the seller or the merchandise. I am just trying to prevent the loss of an interesting artifact.

If someone is local and can pick it up but isn't interested in keeping it, I _might_ be able to pay for shipping (at great risk to my health - my next computer might be my last if my wife follows through on her threats! :)