View Full Version : S-100 boards announcement mailing list

December 7th, 2010, 03:46 AM
Hi! John and I frequent Vintage-Computers.com forums and post information on the various S-100 board projects we are working on. There is a lot of activity on the S-100 homebrew side and some of it makes it here and some not.

I started an S-100 board announcement list for N8VEM mailing list so builders can track it and keep informed of what's happening.


There is some overlap with the main N8VEM mailing list but that tends to be more centered on the ECB boards and related discussion. The S-100 side is related but a bit different.

You are free to join up if you would like. I would prefer to keep the traffic on the N8VEM-S100 to a minimum and focus more on the S-100 side if possible. However if builders want to make an announcement and/or ask general questions of course they are free to use it.

Also, please consider the S100computers.com website as they are *the* reference site for S-100 computers on the internet and have an S-100 forum as well. Very helpful and full of S-100 hobbyists!

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch