View Full Version : Dimension 68000 with 3.5 inch floppy drive

November 29th, 2005, 06:33 PM
Today I successfully installed and used a 3.5 inch floppy drive on a Dimension 68000. Using the Dimension 40 track format I get approximately 400KB on a disk (same as the 5.25 inch floppy). The 80 track format failed but I intend to keep on experimenting. The Format program allows for editing of the parameters so I may be able to get better than 400K in the future.

The install is pretty simple. I used a straight floppy cable with the exception that I removed the wire from pin 16 (motor enable) and connected pin 16 to ground. This means that the drive motor runs constantly, but this is just a quick fix. I'm thinking of splitting the drive select line to go to drive select and motor enable but there could be timing issues.

The current setup has a Shugart SA455 as drive A and a Teac FD-235HF as drive B. I'm hoping that the 3.5 floppies will be much more reliable.

Suggestions? Comments?