View Full Version : ZX81, THE DECEMBER PROGRAM(S)

December 5th, 2005, 10:09 AM

The best of the season to you! The holidays, the parties, the new year... The (more) time to play with your ZX81 and TIMEX 1000/1500.

So this month, I am offering you three (3) programs: "DIPIC2", "SANTA" and "CANDYCANE".

DIgital PICture (or DI-PIC) was created in 1991 to decorate the pages of the newsletters "ZX91". (Have you read them online at the web site?) So this month you can decorate your computer with "SANTA" and "CANDYCANE".

The program is titled DIgital PICture because the pictures are held as digits in a data list from where the program takes the numbers and transforms them as part of the picture on screen.

"DIPIC2" is an upgraded version. "DIPIC2" is only the program itself without any data. It explains itself how the program is made and operates. It includes my creation of READ, DATA and RESTORE statements which do not exist in the ZX81 basic.

I must remind you that the "ALIEN MIND" will be revealed in March 2006 during the 10th annual MICROFAIR organized by the ZX-TEAM to celebrate the 25 years of the ZX81.

If you enjoyed "ZXOKO-BAN" and "INZXEC", you will be over-joyed and stunned by "ALIEN MIND". The graphics, the animation, the coding are one more step better. It is a more UNBELIEVABLE game.