View Full Version : 688 attack sub

January 26th, 2011, 08:04 AM
This is my favorite game for the Sega Genesis. My Genesis died years ago but I still have all the games .

I just found a copy of this game for the pc and I cant wait to get home and install it . My old game pc is a AMDk6 550mhz , 256 mb ram , BFG FX5200 vid card .

Runs Windows 98 at 1920x1200 on a IBM 17" crt.

I love that crt , with the super high resolution at only 17" it looks incredible and me being nearsighted and sitting close without my glasses I can't see the pixels unless I really REALLY look hard. Its tough to go back to my 22" at 1680x1050 where the pixels really stand out.

I also have the instruction manual , this game had a short but steep learning curve and its been probably 15-18 years since I played it.

The coolest part of this game is the 3-d wire mesh model of the sub and surrounding area.