View Full Version : Anyone collect gaming systems?

January 29th, 2011, 03:25 PM
So does anyone out there collect gaming systems? The reason for asking is I have a Sega Saturn with a Mod chip installed and was possibly looking to sell it. Anyone looking for one of these? Just looking to thin out some of my stuff around here. :)

January 29th, 2011, 11:19 PM
If you don't find any buyers here, you could always try the forums over at atariage...

I'd be mildly interested, but tbh, I've two non-modded systems already, though there's only a few games on the system that I wanted to have.

January 30th, 2011, 06:18 AM
How much, I sold mine off many years ago, and really enjoyed it. (SCUD!!)


January 30th, 2011, 01:42 PM
Just tested it and it works just fine. Oh and it also includes the Vurtua fighters arcade stick.

January 30th, 2011, 02:05 PM
I've always wanted a Sega Saturn! It's the only one of the popular classic systems I've never used.. If somebody else wants it, though, by all means - I can't afford it this minute anyway! However if you find yourself with it a month or so from now, shoot me a PM.

May 22nd, 2011, 12:18 AM
a saturn is one of the few consoles I don't have and I need a modded saturn so I can play panzer dragoon saga. let me know how much and how to pay for it.