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February 20th, 2011, 12:10 PM
Perhaps many of you already know of the closure of the University of Queenland's Computer Museum of I.T.

It is mystifying to me that they not only closed it's doors, and disbanded the machine collection of the museum, but removed it's Web presence as well. How much could it possibly have cost to keep it in memoriam?

Anyway, There is nothing I can do to recover the museum's hardware. It's half a world away, and I can only hope that the PDP-10 and other hardware find their way to a suitable resting place, and not in some reclemation program for chinese steel.

The Website is another matter... after searching my archives I have put together a "Webable mirror" of the site as I last encountered it.

I have made several attempts to contact the university staff in an effort to obtain permission to publish this archive. I will continue this a bit longer before giving up.

In the meantime, I would like to offer to the VCF forum members, access to the files of this archive which contains some 10.9GB of documents in PDF format. It is one of the most impressive document repositories of DEC software [of the period] and hardware information I've encountered.

Please contact me if you would like any of these, and we will make arrangements to exchange them.


The archive contains very few of the TIFF documents listed, and most of the PDF files.

February 20th, 2011, 12:12 PM

420103841 Technical Manual NS11L Memory Card Assembly (PDF 7 MB) (TIFF 76 MB)
8-5-S PDP-8 Floating Point System Programming Manual (PDF 3 MB) (TIFF 34 MB)
AA-0944E-TB decsystem10 FORTRAN Programmer's Reference Manual (PDF 117 MB) (TIFF 133 MB)
AA-1101D-TC Scientific Subroutines Programmer's Reference Manual (PDF 31 MB) (TIFF 36 MB)
AA-4949A-TC VT55 Programming Manual (PDF 5 MB) (TIFF 15 MB)
AA-5104A-TB decsystem10 Operator's Guide (KL Series) (PDF 58 MB)
AA-C966A-TE VAX-11 COBOL-74 User's Guide (PDF 88 MB)
AA-C984C-TC Laboratory Subroutines Programmer's Reference Manual (PDF 31 MB) (TIFF 48 MB)
AA-C985A-TE VAX-11 COBOL-74 Language Reference Manual (PDF 60 MB)
AA-D015B-TE VAX/VMS Release Notes (PDF 20 MB)
AA-D018A-TE VAX/VMS System Services Reference Manual (PDF 80 MB)
AA-D019A-TE VAX-11 Linker Reference Manual (PDF 28 MB)
AA-D021B-TE VAX-11 Software Installation Guide (PDF 29 MB)
AA-D025A-TE VAX/VMS Operator's Guide (PDF 46 MB)
AA-D026A-TE VAX-11 Symbolic Debugger Reference Manual (PDF 22 MB)
AA-D027A-TE VAX/VMS System Manager's Guide (PDF 34 MB)
AA-D030C-TE VAX/VMS Primer (PDF 42 MB)
AA-D035A-TE VAX-11 FORTRAN IV-PLUS User's Guide (PDF 43 MB)
AA-D599A-TC Digital Data Communications Message Protocol DDCMP Specification (PDF 21 MB)
AA-D600A-TC Network Services Protocol (NSP) (PDF 19 MB)
AA-D601A-TC Data Acces Protocol (DAP) (PDF 14 MB)
AA-D602A-TC Maintenance Operation Protocol (MOP) (PDF 8 MB)
AA-K335A-TK GIGI BASIC Manual (PDF 20 MB) (TIFF 30 MB)
AA-M546C-TE VAX-11/725 and VAX-11/730 Software Installation Guide (PDF 61 MB)
AA-N149A-TK DECnet Digital Network Architecture (Phase IV) General Description (PDF 31 MB)
AA-X435A-TK DECnet Digital Network Architecture Phase IV Routing Layer Functional Specification (PDF 28 MB)
AA-X436A-TK DECnet Digital Network Architecture Phase IV Maintenance Operations Functional Specification (PDF 34 MB)
AA-X437A-TK DECnet Digital Network Architecture Phase IV Network Management Functional Specification (PDF 52 MB)
AA-X439A-TK DECnet Digital Network Architecture Phase IV NSP Functional Specification (PDF 35 MB)
AA-X440A-TK DECnet Digital Network Architecture Phase IV Ethernet Node Product Architecture Specification (PDF 4 MB)
AA-Y298A-TK DECnet Digital Network Architecture Phase IV Ethernet Data Link Functional Specification (PDF 14 MB)
A-MN-MX10-C-MAN1 MX10 and MX10-C Multiplexor (PDF 7 MB) (TIFF 36 MB)
A-QU-3021721-02-WO00 RD52-A 5.25 Inch Winchester Drive Repair Manual (PDF 11 MB)
AZ-GLBAA-MN MicroVAX II 630QB Technical Manual (PDF 9 MB) (TIFF 9 MB)
AZ-GLCAA-MN MicroVAX II 630QB Owner's Manual (PDF 6 MB) (TIFF 15 MB)
B03P-4655-0001A M2351A/AF Mini-Disk Drive CE Manual (PDF 78 MB)
B03P-4760-0111A M2331K/M2333K Micro-Disk Drives CE Manual (PDF 58 MB)
Computers And The University (PDF 107 kB )
CPB-1108 GE-200 Series GECOM-II Reference Manual (PDF 23 MB) (TIFF 24 MB)
CPB-1180 GE-200 Series General Assembly Program II (PDF 6 MB) (TIFF 16 MB)
CPB-126A GE225 Programming Manual (PDF 33 MB) (TIFF 45 MB)
CPB-230 GE-225 Introduction To GECOM (PDF 9 MB) (TIFF 18 MB)
CPB-252A GE-225 Programming Reference Manual 1964 (PDF 15 MB) (TIFF 39 MB)
CPB-252A GE-225 Programming Reference Manual 1966 (PDF 15 MB) (TIFF 27 MB)
CPB-325A GE225 Auxiluary Arithmetic Unit (PDF 6 MB) (TIFF 11 MB)
D-09-30 PDP11/40 Processor Handbook (PDF 9 MB) (TIFF 33 MB)
DEC-00-0VT5A-A-D VT50 Video Terminal Programmer's Guide (PDF 6 MB) (TIFF 9 MB)
DEC-00-H2340-A-D 2340 XOR Test System Maintenance Manual (PDF 14 MB)
DEC-00-H861A-A-D 861-A,B,C Power Controller Maintenance Manual (PDF 6 MB)
DEC-00-HRK05-C-D RK05 Disk Drive Maintenance Manual (PDF 27 MB) (TIFF 39 MB)
DEC-00-HRS3A-A-D RS03 DECdisk Service Manual (PDF 74 MB)
DEC-00-HRS4A-A-D RS04 DECdisk Service Manual (PDF 79 MB)
DEC-00-HRTC-D TU56 DECtape Transport Maintenance Manual (PDF 7 MB) (TIFF 28 MB)
DEC-00-HTU60-C-D TU60 DECcassette Tape Transport Maintenance Manual (PDF 31 MB)
DEC-00-HVTUA-A-D VT50 Video Terminal (PDF 12 MB)
DEC-00-HZRKA-A-D RK05 Exerciser Maintenance Manual (PDF 21 MB) (TIFF 30 MB)
DEC-08-17TA-D Typeset-8 Systems - Negative Logic Maintenance Manual (PDF 9 MB) (TIFF 18 MB)
DEC-08-AFAC-D PDP-8 FORTRAN Programming Manual (PDF 4 MB) (TIFF 4 MB)
DEC-08-AJAB-D PDP-8/I FOCAL Programming Manual (PDF 4 MB) (TIFF 34 MB)
DEC-08-ASAB-D PAL III Symbolic Assembler Programming Manual (PDF 2 MB) (TIFF 8 MB)
DEC-08-CDDA-D PDP-8 DDT Programming Manual (PDF 3 MB) (TIFF 8 MB)
DEC-08-CMAA-D PDP-8 Programming Manual Macro-8 (PDF 3 MB) (TIFF 11 MB)
DEC-08-ESAB-D PDP-8 Symbolic Editor Programming Manual (PDF 3 MB) (TIFF 16 MB)
DEC-08-FFAA-D PDP-8 Program Library Math Routines (PDF 4 MB) (TIFF 19 MB)
DEC-08-HMMPA-A-D Typeset-8 Systems - Positive Logic Maintenance Manual (PDF 15 MB) (TIFF 26 MB)
DEC-08-LBAA-D Binary Loader (PDF 514 kB ) (TIFF 2 MB)
DEC-08-LHAA-D Help Loader (PDF 244 kB ) (TIFF 951 kB )
DEC-08-LRAA-D Read-In-Mode Loader (PDF 213 kB ) (TIFF 808 kB )
DEC-08-NAAA-D Application Notes (PDF 1 MB) (TIFF 5 MB)
DEC-08-NGCA-D PDP-8 Console Manual (PDF 2 MB) (TIFF 2 MB)
DEC-08-PMP0-D Readin-Mode (RIM) Punch (PDF 424 kB )
DEC-08-SBAB-D PDP-8 Disc System Builder (PDF 709 kB )
DEC-10-12AA-D BA10 Hard Copy Control (PDF 14 MB) (TIFF 31 MB)
DEC-10-AFDO-D decsystem10 FORTRAN IV Programmer's Reference Manual (PDF 8 MB) (TIFF 9 MB)
DEC-10-H4GA-D PDP-10 TU30 Tape Transport Maintenance Manual Volume 1 Logic Package (PDF 10 MB) (TIFF 6 MB)
DEC-10-H5EC-D(1) PDP-10 RP10 Disk Pack Synchronizer Maintenance Manual Volume 1 (PDF 9 MB) (TIFF 11 MB)
DEC-10-HDFC-D DF10 Data Channel (PDF 4 MB) (TIFF 10 MB)
DEC-10-HIAA-D MA10 Core Memory Maintenance Manual (PDF 17 MB) (TIFF 30 MB)
DEC-10-HIFB-D PDP-10 Interface Manual (PDF 13 MB) (TIFF 27 MB)
DEC-10-HMAA-D PDP-10 KA10 Central Processor Maintenance Manual Volume I (PDF 21 MB) (TIFF 40 MB)
DEC-10-I3AA-D TD10 DECtape Control Maintenance Manual (PDF 12 MB) (TIFF 16 MB)
DEC-10-I4AA-D TM10 Magnetic Tape Control Maintenance Manual (PDF 4 MB) (TIFF 7 MB)
DEC-10-I5AA-D RC10 Disk Synchronizer-Adapter Instruction Manual (PDF 5 MB) (TIFF 15 MB)
DEC-10-IACA-D DA10 PDP-8/9 Interface (PDF 11 MB) (TIFF 32 MB)
DEC-10-KRZB-D DECsystem10 Mathematical Languages Handbook (PDF 22 MB) (TIFF 63 MB)
DEC-10-MTWB-D decsystem10 Getting Started With Timesharing (PDF 8 MB)
DEC-10-NGZB-D decsystem10 User's Handbook Second Edition (PDF 49 MB) (TIFF 51 MB)
DEC-10-OMCMA-B-D decsystem10 Monitor Calls (PDF 93 MB)
DEC-10-OMCMA-B-DN1 DECsystem10 Monitor Calls (PDF 96 MB)
DEC-10-OMPBA-C-D decsystem10 Beginner's Guide to Multiprogram Batch (PDF 13 MB) (TIFF 11 MB)
DEC-10-OSCMA-A-D decsystem10 Operating System Commands Manual (PDF 31 MB)
DEC-10-OTSCA-A-D decsystem10 Getting Started With TOPS-10 Commands (PDF 4 MB) (TIFF 5 MB)
DEC-10-UTECA-A-D decsystem10 Introduction To TECO (Text Editor And Corrector) (PDF 2 MB) (TIFF 3 MB)
DEC-10-UTPRA-A-D decsystem10 TECO Text Editor and Corrector Program Programmer's Reference Manual (PDF 9 MB) (TIFF 12 MB)
DEC-10-XBRCA-A-D DECsystem10 Basic Language Reference Card (Version 17B) (PDF 9 MB)
DEC-10-XSRMA-A-D DECsystem10 System Reference Manual (PDF 48 MB) (TIFF 130 MB)
DEC-11-CCDNA-A-D 2780 Remote Computer Systems Installation Notes (PDF 32 MB)
DEC-11-CRCSA-A-D 2780 Remote Computer Systems Operator's Guide (PDF 28 MB)
DEC-11-H05AA-B-D PDP-11/05, 11/10 Computer Manual (PDF 98 MB) (TIFF 129 MB)
DEC-11-H45SM-E-D PDP-11/45 and PDP-11/50 System Maintenance Manual (PDF 60 MB)
DEC-11-H740A-A-D H740D Power Supply Maintenance Manual (PDF 13 MB)
DEC-11-HARUG-B-D AR11 User's Guide (PDF 14 MB)
DEC-11-HBKEF-A-D BA11-K Mounting Box Manual (PDF 22 MB)
DEC-11-HBMAA-E-D BM792 Read-Only-Memory and MR11-DB Bootstrap Loader (PDF 21 MB)
DEC-11-HDAFA-A-D DA11-F Unibus Window Maintenance Manual (PDF 21 MB)
DEC-11-HDBAA-B-D DB11-A Bus Repeater Manual (PDF 7 MB)
DEC-11-HDLAA-B-D DL11 Asynchronous Line Interface Manual (PDF 23 MB)
DEC-11-HDMBA-A-D DM11-BB Modem Control Option Manual (PDF 15 MB)
DEC-11-HDNAA-B-D DN11 Automatic Calling Unit Interface Manual (PDF 15 MB)
DEC-11-HDPAA-C-D DP11-A Synchronous Line Interface Manual (PDF 16 MB)
DEC-11-HDRBA-D-D DR11-B/DA11-B Manual (PDF 15 MB)
DEC-11-HDRCA-C-D DR11-C General Device Interface Manual (PDF 8 MB)
DEC-11-HDUMA-B-D DU11 Single Line Programmable Synchronous Interface Maintenance Manual (PDF 29 MB)
DEC-11-HDXBA-B-D DX11-B System 360/370 Channel to PDP-11 unibus Interface Maintenance Manual (PDF 43 MB)
DEC-11-HFPAA-C-D FP11 Floating-point Processor Maintenance Manual (PDF 32 MB)
DEC-11-HGKTCB-D PDP-11/45 Memory Management Reference Manual (PDF 16 MB)
DEC-11-HGT44-A-D GT44 User's Guide (PDF 14 MB)
DEC-11-HGTGA-B-D GT40/GT42 User's Guide (PDF 5 MB) (TIFF 18 MB)
DEC-11-HKBAA-B-D KB11-A Central Processor Unit Maintenance Manual (PDF 26 MB) (TIFF 58 MB)
DEC-11-HKDAA-A-D KD11-A Processor Maintenance Manual (PDF 39 MB)
DEC-11-HKGAA-B-D KG11-A Exclusive-OR and CRC Block Check Manual (PDF 16 MB)
DEC-11-HKITD-A-D DECkit11-D assembly and installation manual (PDF 8 MB)
DEC-11-HKTB-D KT11-C Memory Management Unit Maintenance Manual (PDF 24 MB)
DEC-11-HLCB-D LC11 DECwriter System Manual (PDF 5 MB) (TIFF 10 MB)
DEC-11-HLPGA-C-D LPS11 Laboratory Peripheral System User's Guide (PDF 20 MB)
DEC-11-HLPMA-B-D LPS11-S Laboratory Peripheral System Maintenance Manual (PDF 36 MB)
DEC-11-HLSAA-A-D LS11 Line Printer Manual (PDF 6 MB) (TIFF 11 MB)
DEC-11-HMELA-A-D ME11-L Core Memory System Manual (PDF 38 MB)
DEC-11-HMELA-B-D ME11-L Core Memory System Manual (PDF 32 MB)
DEC-11-HMFLA-C-D MM11-S, MF11-L, and MF11-LP core memory systems (PDF 25 MB)
DEC-11-HRFD-D RF11/RS11 DECdisk System Manual (PDF 22 MB) (TIFF 41 MB)
DEC-11-HTACA-A-D TA11 Cassette System Mainenance Manual (PDF 18 MB)
DEC-11-HUDCA-A-D UDC11 Universal Digital Control Subsystem Maintenance Manual (PDF 41 MB)
DEC-11-HVTGA-A-D VT11 Graphic Display Processor (PDF 27 MB)
DEC-11-LFOCA-F-D FOCAL-11 User's Manual (PDF 51 MB)
DEC-11-NFPMA-C-D FPMP-11 User's Manual (PDF 58 MB)
DEC-11-OMONA-A-D Disk Operating System Monitor Programmer's Handbook (PDF 56 MB)
DEC-11-OPUGA-A-D PDL Operator's Guide (PDF 24 MB)
DEC-11-ORJEA-A-D RSTS/E 2780 User's Guide (PDF 6 MB)
DEC-11-OROAA-B-D PDP-11 ROLLIN Utility Program (PDF 4 MB)
DEC-11-UEDAA-A-D DOS/BATCH Text Editor (EDIT-11) (PDF 12 MB)
DEC-11-XPTSA-A-D PDP-11 Paper Tape Software Programming Handbook (PDF 99 MB)
DEC-11-YRWB-D and DEC-11-YRWB-DN PDP-11 PAL-11S Assembler and LINK-11S Linker Programmer's Manual (PDF 24 MB)
DEC-12-HLVAA-A-D LV8/LV12/LV11 Printer & Plotter User's Guide (PDF 6 MB) (TIFF 12 MB)
DEC-12-HVCRT-D-D VR14/VR17 CRT Display Monitor User's Manual (PDF 17 MB)
DEC-12-HVRTP-A-D VR14 & VR20 Troubleshooting Procedures (PDF 4 MB)
DEC-15-H2AB-D PDP-15 Installation Manual (PDF 5 MB) (TIFF 13 MB)
DEC-15-H2BB-D PDP-15 Systems Maintenance Manual Volume 1 (PDF 10 MB) (TIFF 32 MB)
DEC-15-H2DB-D PDP-15 Systems User's Handbook Volume 1 Processor (PDF 34 MB)
DEC-15-H2DB-D PDP-15 Systems User's Handbook Volume 2 Peripherals (PDF 25 MB)
DEC-15-H2EB-D PDP-15 Module Manual (PDF 13 MB) (TIFF 46 MB)
DEC-15-HOAC-D PDP-15 Systems Interface Manual (PDF 26 MB)
DEC-20-LFRMA-D-D Fortran Reference Manual (PDF 14 MB) (TIFF 18 MB)
DEC-20-OBOGA-A-D Batch Operator's Guide (PDF 5 MB) (TIFF 5 MB)
DEC-20-OBRMA-A-D Batch Reference Manual (PDF 5 MB) (TIFF 6 MB)
DEC-20-USTGA-A-D Sort User's Guide (PDF 3 MB) (TIFF 3 MB)
DEC-9L-H2AA-D PC09C High Speed Paper Tape Reader and Punch Maintenance Manual (PDF 10 MB) (TIFF 30 MB)
DEC-D8-ASAA-D PDP-8/I PAL-D Disk Assembler (PDF 2 MB) (TIFF 7 MB)
DEC-D8-CDD0-D Disc DDT-8 (PDF 230 kB ) (TIFF 873 kB )
DEC-D8-IDFA-D DF32 Disk File and Control (PDF 15 MB) (TIFF 27 MB)
DEC-D8-SDAA-D PDP-8/I Disk Monitor System Programmer's Reference Manual (PDF 6 MB) (TIFF 20 MB)
DEC-FS-HRSMM-A-D RS64 Timing Track Writer Maintenance Manual (PDF 29 MB)
DEC-FS-HRSPM-A-D RS08/RS09 DECdisk Preventative Maintenance Procedure (PDF 7 MB) (TIFF 12 MB)
DECscope Tech Tip (PDF 4 MB)
DIGITAL-8-10-S Calculator (PDF 1 MB) (TIFF 5 MB)
DIGITAL-8-10-U-SYM Binary-Coded-Decimal to Binary Conversion Subroutine (PDF 171 kB ) (TIFF 694 kB )
DIGITAL-8-11-S DATAK Programming Manual (PDF 3 MB) (TIFF 11 MB)
DIGITAL-8-11-U-SYM Double Precision Binary Coded Decimal to Binary (PDF 206 kB ) (TIFF 793 kB )
DIGITAL-8-12-U-SYM Incremental Plotter Subroutine (PDF 293 kB ) (TIFF 1 MB)
DIGITAL-8-14-U-SYM Binary to Binary Coded Decimal Conversion (PDF 246 kB ) (TIFF 890 kB )
DIGITAL-8-15-U-SYM Binary-to-Binary-Coded-Decimal Conversion (Four Digit) (PDF 205 kB ) (TIFF 716 kB )
DIGITAL-8-16-S Master Tape Duplicator & Verifier (PDF 1005 kB ) (TIFF 3 MB)
DIGITAL-8-18-U-SYM Alphanumeric Message Typeout (PDF 321 kB ) (TIFF 1 MB)
DIGITAL-8-19-U-SYM Teletype Output Subroutines (PDF 246 kB ) (TIFF 1 MB)
DIGITAL-8-20-U-SYM Character String Typeout (PDF 245 kB ) (TIFF 803 kB )
DIGITAL-8-21-U-SYM Symbolic Tape Format Generator (PDF 666 kB ) (TIFF 2 MB)
DIGITAL-8-22-U-SYM Unsigned Decimal Print (PDF 144 kB ) (TIFF 468 kB )
DIGITAL-8-23-U-SYM Signed Decimal Point, Single Precision (PDF 738 kB ) (TIFF 2 MB)
DIGITAL-8-24-U-SYM Unsigned Decimal Point, Single Precision (PDF 516 kB ) (TIFF 2 MB)
DIGITAL-8-25-U-SYM Signed DecimalPrint, Double Precision (PDF 436 kB ) (TIFF 2 MB)
DIGITAL-8-25-U-SYM Single Precision Decimal-to-Binary Conversion and Input ASR33 (PDF 358 kB ) (TIFF 1 MB)
DIGITAL-8-29-U-SYM Double Precision Decimal-to-Binary Conversion and Input (ASR33) (Signed or Unsigned) (PDF 403 kB ) (TIFF 1 MB)
DIGITAL-8-35-S-A 650 5-Bit Character Assembly Subroutines (PDF 1 MB) (TIFF 3 MB)
DIGITAL-8-35-S-B 680 8-Bit Character Assembly Subroutines (PDF 1 MB) (TIFF 4 MB)
DL11 Asynchronous Line Interface Engineering Drawings (PDF 4 MB) (TIFF 10 MB)
DLV11-J Configuration Guide (M8043) (PDF 192 kB ) (TIFF 360 kB )
DR11-A General Device Interface (PDF 6 MB)
DSD-440 Flexible Disk Memory System User's Guide (PDF 47 MB)
DX-11B On Line Test Procedure (PDF 5 MB)
EB 05961 76 05A-20 D 09-02 60 PDP11 Peripherals Handbook 1976 (PDF 50 MB)
EB-20912-20 Microcomputers and Memories 1982 (PDF 66 MB) (TIFF 327 MB)
EK-0TU78-UG-002 TU78 Magnetic Tape Transport User's Guide (PDF 6 MB) (TIFF 10 MB)
EK-11001-HR-001 PDP-11/45 Maintenance Reference Manual (PDF 16 MB)
EK-11034-UG-001 PDP-11/34 System User's Manual (PDF 11 MB) (TIFF 17 MB)
EK-11040-TM-002 PDP-11/40,-11/35 (21 inch Chassis) System Manual (PDF 37 MB)
EK-11070-MM-002 PDP11/70 Maintenance And Installation Manual (PDF 116 MB)
EK-1184A-TM-PR1 Preliminary PDP-11/84 System Installation And Technical Reference Manual (PDF 21 MB) (TIFF 22 MB)
EK-1LA36-MM-001 LA36 DECwriter II Maintenance Manual Volume I (PDF 41 MB) (TIFF 333 MB)
EK-1T23B-OP-001 PDP11/23-PLUS System Manual (PDF 8 MB) (TIFF 195 MB)
EK-1VAXD-TM-003 VAX Diagnostic Design Guide (PDF 85 MB)
EK-23BMB-UG-001 PDP-11/23B Mounting Box User's Guide (PDF 2 MB) (TIFF 7 MB)
EK-2LA36-MM-001 LA36 DECwriter II Maintenance Manual Volume II (PDF 16 MB) (TIFF 18 MB)
EK-2TU78-TM-001 TU78 Magnetic Tape Transport Technical Manual Volume 2 (PDF 62 MB)
EK-861AB-OP-001 861-A, -B, -C, -D, -E, -F Power Controller User's Manual (PDF 2 MB) (TIFF 19 MB)
EK-AD11K-OP-002 AD11-K Analog To Digital Converter User Manual (PDF 2 MB) (TIFF 6 MB)
EK-BA11-K-OP-001 BA11-K Mounting Box User's Guide (PDF 11 MB)
EK-BM873-TM-004 BM873 Restart/Loader (PDF 5 MB) (TIFF 10 MB)
EK-CI750-TD-PRE CI750 Hardware Technical Description (PDF 24 MB) (TIFF 30 MB)
EK-CMR11-PS-001 CMR11/CMV11 Distributed Multiprocess Controller (PDF 24 MB)
EK-DEUNA-UG-001 DEUNA User's Guide (PDF 10 MB) (TIFF 13 MB)
EK-DFC11-MM-002 DFC11-A EIA Level Converter/Clock Recovery Module Maintenance Manual (PDF 10 MB)
EK-DL11-OP-001 DL11 Asynchronous Line Interface User's Manual (PDF 9 MB)
EK-DL11-TM-003 DL11 Asynchronous Line Interface Manual (PDF 22 MB)
EK-DL11W-OP-001 DL11-W Serial line Unit & Real-Time Clock Option Operator's Manual (PDF 5 MB) (TIFF 41 MB)
EK-DL11W-TM-002 DL11-W Serial Line Unit/Real-Time Clock Option Technical Manual (PDF 20 MB)
EK-DMCLU-MM-001 DMC11 IPL synchronous line unit maintenance manual (PDF 12 MB) (TIFF 14 MB)
EK-DMCLU-OP-001 DMC11 IPL synchronous line unit user's manual (PDF 3 MB) (TIFF 4 MB)
EK-DMCMP-MM-001 DMC11 IPL microprocessor maintenance manual (PDF 10 MB) (TIFF 17 MB)
EK-DMCMP-OP-001 DMC11 IPL microprocessor user's manual (PDF 5 MB) (TIFF 6 MB)
EK-DMR11-TM-002 DMR11 Synchronous Controller Technical Manual (PDF 38 MB)
EK-DMV11-TM-001 DMV11 Synchronous Controller Technical Manual (PDF 49 MB)
EK-DMVQM-UG-001 QMA DMV11 Synchronous Controller User's Guide (PDF 39 MB)
EK-DQ11-MM-002 DQ11 NPR Synchronous Line Interface Manual (PDF 70 MB)
EK-DR11K-MM-001 DR11-K Interface User's Guide and Maintenance Manual (PDF 16 MB)
EK-DU11-MM-001 DU11 Single Line Programmable Asynchronous Interface Maintenance Manual (PDF 24 MB)
EK-DU11-OP-001 DU11 Single Line Programmable Synchronous Interface User's Manual (PDF 14 MB)
EK-DV11-MM-002 DV11 Communications Multiplexer Maintenance Manual (PDF 66 MB)
EK-DV11-OP-001 DV11 Communications Multiplexer User's Manual (PDF 34 MB)
EK-DZ110-TM-002 DZ11 Asynchronous Multiplexer Technical Manual (PDF 27 MB)
EK-DZ110-UG-002 DZ11 User's Guide (PDF 8 MB) (TIFF 23 MB)
EK-DZ11-MM-PRE DZ11 Maintenance Manual (PDF 29 MB)
EK-DZQ11-TM-001 DZQ11 Asynchronous Multiplexer Technical Manual (PDF 38 MB)
EK-DZQ11-UG-002 DZQ11 Asynchronous Multiplexer User's Guide (PDF 11 MB)
EK-FP11A-UG-001 FP11-A Floating Point User's Manual (PDF 5 MB) (TIFF 18 MB)
EK-FS002-OP-001 Unibus Troubleshooting User's Manual (PDF 31 MB)
EK-H720-OP-001 H720 Power Supply and Mounting Box User's Manual (PDF 7 MB)
EK-K11M-IN-001 DECkit11-M assembly and installation manual (PDF 11 MB)
EK-KA820-TM-003 KA820/KA825 Processor Technical Manual (PDF 69 MB)
EK-KB11B-TM-001 KB11-B Processor Manual (PDP-11/70) (PDF 96 MB)
EK-KD11A-MM-001 KD11-A Processor Maintenance Manual (PDF 37 MB)
EK-KDJ1A-UG-001 KDJ11-A CPU Module User's Guide (PDF 19 MB) (TIFF 61 MB)
EK-KE11E-OP-001 KE11-E and KE11-F Instruction Set Options User's Manual (PDF 5 MB)
EK-KE11E-TM-002 KE11-E and KE11-F Instruction Set Options Manual (PDF 31 MB)
EK-KT11-D-OP-001 KT11-D Memory Management Option User's Guide (PDF 8 MB)
EK-KW11-K-OP-001KW11-K Dual Programmable Real-Time Clock User Manual (PDF 2 MB) (TIFF 4 MB)
EK-KW1PF-OP-001 KW11-P Prtogrammable Real-Time Clock User's Manual (Etch Rev F and up) (PDF 6 MB)
EK-KY11R-UG-003 KY11-R Family of Electronic Consoles User Guide (PDF 32 MB)
EK-KY1LB-MM-001 KY11-LB Programmer's Console/Interface Module Operation and Maintenance Manual (PDF 25 MB)
EK-LA100-IP-002 Illustrated Parts Breakdown LA100 Letterwriter/Letterprinter (PDF 8 MB) (TIFF 15 MB)
EK-LA120-TM-001 LA120 Technical Manual (PDF 15 MB) (TIFF 14 MB)
EK-LA180-OP-003 LA180 DECprinter 1 (PDF 23 MB) (TIFF 26 MB)
EK-LA34S-TM-001 DECwriter IV Series Technical Manual (PDF 12 MB) (TIFF 12 MB)
EK-LA3635-OP-002 LA35 & 36 DECwriter II User's Manual (PDF 11 MB) (TIFF 12 MB)
EK-LA36-IP-003 Illustrated Parts Breakdown LA36 DECwriter II (PDF 2 MB) (TIFF 8 MB)
EK-LSI11-TM-003 LSI-11, PDP-11/03 User's Manual (PDF 16 MB) (TIFF 32 MB)
EK-M7850-MM-001 M7850 Parity Controller Maintenance Manual (PDF 3 MB) (TIFF 8 MB)
EK-M9301-TM-001 M9301 Bootstrap/Terminator Module Maintenance And Operator's Manual (PDF 11 MB) (TIFF 13 MB)
EK-M9312-TM-002 M9312 Bootstrap/Terminator Module Technical Manual (PDF 5 MB) (TIFF 10 MB)
EK-MF11U-MM-003 MF11-U/UP Core Memory System Maintenance Manual (PDF 32 MB)
EK-MM11D-OP-001 MM11-D/DP Core Memory User's Manual (PDF 2 MB) (TIFF 5 MB)
EK-MM11D-TM-001 MM11-D/DP Core Memory Manual (PDF 17 MB)
EK-MS11E-MM-001 MS11-E-J MOS Memory Maintenance Manual (PDF 4 MB) (TIFF 5 MB)
EK-MS11E-OP-001 MS11-E--J MOS Memory User's Manual (PDF 4 MB)
EK-MS11L-TM-001 MS11-L MOS Memory Technical Manual (PDF 5 MB) (TIFF 15 MB)
EK-MS11M-UG-001 MS11-M MOS Memory User Guide (PDF 2 MB) (TIFF 7 MB)
EK-MS780-TD-001 MS780 Memory System Technical Description (PDF 23 MB)
EK-MSV0P-UG-001 MSV11-P User Guide (PDF 3 MB) (TIFF 3 MB)
EK-MSV11-OP-001 MSV11-C User's Manual (PDF 16 MB)
EK-MSV1D-OP-001 MSV11-D,-E User's Manual (PDF 23 MB)
EK-OLQP8-TM-003 LQP8-78 Printer Systems Technical Manual (PDF 55 MB)
EK-ORX33-IP-001 RX33 Flexible Disk Drive (PDF 486 kB )
EK-PMK04-MM-PRE PMK04 Utilization and Maintenance Manual (PDF 18 MB)
EK-RK05-MM-002 RK05-Exerciser Maintenance Manual (PDF 16 MB) (TIFF 13 MB)
EK-RK05-OP-001 RK05 Disk Drive User's Manual (PDF 7 MB) (TIFF 11 MB)
EK-RK11D-MM-002 RK11-D and RK11-E Moving Head Disk Drive Controller Manual (PDF 5 MB) (TIFF 16 MB)
EK-RK11D-OP-001 RK11-D and RK11-E Moving Head Disk Drive Controller User's Manual (PDF 3 MB) (TIFF 7 MB)
EK-RK5JF-MM-001 RK05/RK05J/RK05F Disk Drive Maintenance Manual (PDF 16 MB) (TIFF 36 MB)
EK-RL012-PG-003 RL01/RL02 Pocket Service Guide (PDF 4 MB)
EK-RL012-TM-PRE RL01/RL02 Disk Drive Technical Manual (PDF 64 MB)
EK-RL012-UG-004 RL01/RL02 Disk Subsystem User's Guide (PDF 9 MB) (TIFF 24 MB)
EK-RL012-UG-005 RL01/RL02 User Guide (PDF 8 MB) (TIFF 36 MB)
EK-RMADA-TD-001 RM MASSBUS Adapter Technical Description Manual (PDF 22 MB)
EK-RP056-IN-001 RP05/RP06 Disk Drive Installation Manual (PDF 13 MB) (TIFF 33 MB)
EK-RX012-PS-002 RX01/RX02 Pocket Service Guide (PDF 1 MB)
EK-RX01-MM-002 RX8/RX11 Floppy Disk System Maintenance Manual (PDF 38 MB)
EK-RX01-MM-PRE2 RX8/RX11 Floppy Disk System Maintenance Manual (PDF 9 MB)
EK-RX02-UG-001 RX02 Floppy Disk System User's Guide (PDF 26 MB)
EK-SEDRR-RF-001 Error Detection, Recovery and Reporting Reference Manual (PDF 4 MB) (TIFF 5 MB)
EK-SI780-IN-001 VAX-11/780 System Installation Manual (PDF 6 MB) (TIFF 8 MB)
EK-TMA11-MM-PRE TMA11-M DECmagtape System Maintenance Manual (PDF 27 MB) (TIFF 59 MB)
EK-VK100-IN-002 GIGI Terminal Installation And Owner's Manual (PDF 9 MB) (TIFF 11 MB)
EK-VK100-TM-001 VK100 Technical Manual (PDF 14 MB) (TIFF 29 MB)
EK-VT100-TM-002 VT100 Series Technical Manual (PDF 25 MB) (TIFF 25 MB)
EK-VT100-TM-003 VT100 Series Video Terminal Technical Manual (PDF 108 MB)
EK-VT101-UG-002 VT101 Video Terminal User Guide (PDF 11 MB) (TIFF 10 MB)
EK-VT103-UG-001 VT103 LSI-11 Video Terminal User's Guide (PDF 9 MB) (TIFF 10 MB)
EK-VT502-PG-001 VT50/VT52 Pocket Service Guide (PDF 3 MB) (TIFF 4 MB)
EK-VT55E-TM-001 VT55-E, F, H, J DECgraphic Scope User's Manual (PDF 8 MB) (TIFF 22 MB)
EK-VT5X-OP-001 DECscope User's Manual (PDF 6 MB) (TIFF 4 MB)
ER-ORM03-MP-003 RM03 Disk Drive Maintenance Print Set (PDF 38 MB)
EY-DX056-SP-002/J6269-A/EY-DX052-SG-002 Small Systems Training PDP-11V23-/11T23 System Maintenance Student Guide (PDF 15 MB) (TIFF 19 MB)
F-85 Change Notice 4 - PDP-8 User's Handbook (PDF 594 kB ) (TIFF 2 MB)
F-85 Programmed Data Processor-8 Users Handbook (PDF 23 MB) (TIFF 34 MB)
GE-200 Series High-Speed On-Line Printer (PDF 7 MB) (TIFF 7 MB)
GE-200 Series Magnetic Tape Subsystem (PDF 8 MB) (TIFF 11 MB)
GE-200 Series Punched Card Subsystems Reference Manual (PDF 9 MB) (TIFF 22 MB)
GE-225 Paper Tape Subsystem (PDF 5 MB) (TIFF 11 MB)
H-TU55 DECtape Transport TU55 Instruction Manual (PDF 9 MB) (TIFF 4 MB)
KD11-A-000.000 11 Mainframe PDP 11-40 (PDF 19 MB) (TIFF 21 MB)
KDF11-BA CPU Module User's Guide (PDF 27 MB) (TIFF 28 MB)
KL10 Tender Response (PDF 8 MB) (TIFF 9 MB)
Logic Products Memo (PDF 495 kB ) (TIFF 2 MB)
LSI ADM-3A Maintenance Manual (PDF 30 MB) (TIFF 36 MB)
M7606-0-0 Rev C KA630 (PDF 40 MB)
MAINDEC 08-D4A0-D PDP-8, 8/I Memory Parity Checkerboard (PDF 456 kB ) (TIFF 2 MB)
MAINDEC-08-D11A-D Memory Address Test (PDF 464 kB ) (TIFF 2 MB)
MAINDEC-08-D5BB-D DF32 Discless Logic Test, MiniDisc (PDF 2 MB) (TIFF 6 MB)
MAINDEC-08-D5CE-D DF32 & DF32D Disk Data Mini Disc, Interface Address, Data Test (PDF 4 MB) (TIFF 13 MB)
MAINDEC-08-D5DB-D DF32 Multi Disk (PDF 847 kB ) (TIFF 3 MB)
MAINDEC-08-D6CC-D (D) PDP-8 Calcomp Plotter Diagnostic (PDF 2 MB) (TIFF 7 MB)
MAINDEC-08-D71A-D 680 DCS Expanded Memory Test (PDF 3 MB) (TIFF 9 MB)
MAINDEC-08-D72A-D 680 DCS Data and Control Test (PDF 3 MB) (TIFF 9 MB)
Memorex 677-01 DEC and 677-51 DEC Disc Storage Drives Technical Manual (PDF 20 MB) (TIFF 65 MB)
Microcomputer Handbook Series - Memories and Peripherals ( 1978 ) (PDF 39 MB) (TIFF 41 MB)
Microcomputers and Memories 1982 (Preliminary) (PDF 40 MB) (TIFF 162 MB)
MNT-1 1-Feb-1975 (PDF 6 MB) (TIFF 104 MB)
MNT-1 General Information 1st March 1978 (PDF 2 MB) (TIFF 3 MB)
MNT-7 Typesetting Manual (PDF 34 MB)
MO00747 TU58-C Field Maintenance Print Set (PDF 11 MB) (TIFF 28 MB)
MP 00698 RL02-AK Field Maintenance Print Set (PDF 6 MB) (TIFF 17 MB)
MP-00742 MS11-M Field Maintenance Print Set (PDF 7 MB) (TIFF 19 MB)
MP00832 BA11-A Field Maintenance Print Set (PDF 12 MB) (TIFF 33 MB)
MP00897 11X44 Field Maintenance Print Set (PDF 17 MB) (TIFF 45 MB)
MP-02028-01 Rev A1 630QZ Field Maintenance Print Set (PDF 86 MB)
MP-02065-01 630QY Field Maintenance Print Set (PDF 80 MB)
MP-02071-01 REV A1 630QB Field Maintenance Print Set (PDF 48 MB)
MXV11-AA, AC Configuration Guide (M8047) (PDF 246 kB ) (TIFF 624 kB )
Networkshop '92 (PDF 7 MB)
NS11-04-34 Installation Guide (PDF 2 MB) (TIFF 35 MB)
NSC-MS-502 Model NS23P Add-In Memory System Service Manual (PDF 6 MB) (TIFF 36 MB)
NSC-MS-503 Model NS 11-04/34Q Add-In Memory System Service Manual (PDF 10 MB) (TIFF 77 MB)
PCC - 25th Anniversary Feature (PDF 62 kB )
PCC Accounting System (PDF 50 kB )
PDP 11/45 Maintenance Reference Manual (PDF 5 MB) (TIFF 6 MB)
PM-DL11W Serial Line Interface Manual (PDF 4 MB) (TIFF 7 MB)
PM-DZ11 Asynchronous Multiplexer Manual (PDF 3 MB) (TIFF 10 MB)
Price List Effective July 6 1971 (PDF 4 MB) (TIFF 15 MB)
Proposal to University of Queensland (PDF 7 MB) (TIFF 8 MB)
QTInet 1 (PDF 390 kB )
QTInet 2 (PDF 375 kB )
Recommended Spare Parts and Components for Standard PDP-8 (PDF 252 kB ) (TIFF 786 kB )
RK05 Head Installation and Alignment Procedures (PDF 8 MB)
RK05 Maintenance Tips (PDF 1 MB) (TIFF 2 MB)
RK05-TA-3 RK05 Exerciser Operators Guide (PDF 757 kB ) (TIFF 1 MB)
SA800/801 Diskette Storage Drive Maintenance Manual (PDF 11 MB)
SB100-50-4-67 PDP-10 (150dpi) (PDF 1 MB)
SPEARnet 1 (PDF 5 MB)
SPEARnet 2 (PDF 2 MB)
SpearNet in the press (PDF 994 kB )
SPEARnet Workshop (PDF 3 MB)
Technical Manual No. 6 EDIT - A Line Editor For The PDP-10 (PDF 4 MB) (TIFF 12 MB)
University of Queensland Computer Centre Information Manual (PDF 10 MB) (TIFF 14 MB)
Visual 100 Reference Manual (PDF 6 MB) (TIFF 7 MB)
Visual 102 Reference Manual (PDF 11 MB) (TIFF 13 MB)
VT50 Service Notes (PDF 33 MB)
YA-C06LC-00 DZS11-EA Option Description (PDF 59 MB)

February 20th, 2011, 12:14 PM

AA-5075A-TC PDP-11 MACRO-11 Language Reference Manual (PDF 13 MB) (TIFF 15 MB)
AA-5279C-TC RT-11 System User's Guide (PDF 39 MB) (TIFF 41 MB)
AA-5280B-TC RT-11 Advanced Programmer's Guide (PDF 38 MB) (TIFF 51 MB)
AA-5281C-TC Introduction to RT-11 (PDF 22 MB) (TIFF 27 MB)
AA-5283B-TC RT-11 System Generation Manual (PDF 14 MB) (TIFF 22 MB)
AA-5284D-TC RT-11 System Message Manual (PDF 18 MB) (TIFF 22 MB)
AA-5285D-TC RT-11 Documentation Directory (PDF 3 MB) (TIFF 8 MB)
AA-5285H-TC Guide to RT-11 Documentation (PDF 2 MB) (TIFF 3 MB)
AA-5286B-TC RT-11 System Release Notes (PDF 8 MB) (TIFF 9 MB)
AA-5286F-TC RT-11 System Release Notes (PDF 16 MB) (TIFF 21 MB)
AA-5286G-TC RT-11 System Release Notes (PDF 14 MB) (TIFF 17 MB)
AA-H281A-TC RT-11 & PDT-11 Installation Notes (PDF 7 MB) (TIFF 13 MB)
AA-H376C-TC RT-11 Installation Guide (PDF 18 MB) (TIFF 23 MB)
AA-H379B-TC RT-11 Software Support Manual (PDF 45 MB) (TIFF 56 MB)
AA-H380A-TC RT-11 Master Index (PDF 8 MB) (TIFF 16 MB)
AA-H380B-TC RT-11 Master Index (PDF 12 MB) (TIFF 15 MB)
AA-H853A-TC PDP-11 Keypad Editor User's Guide (PDF 14 MB) (TIFF 19 MB)
AA-M239B-TC RT-11 System Utilities Manual (PDF 31 MB) (TIFF 39 MB)
AA-M240B-TC RT-11 System Generation Guide (PDF 8 MB) (TIFF 10 MB)
AD-M241A-T1 RT-11 Mini-Reference Manual (PDF 8 MB) (TIFF 14 MB)
DEC-11-LBACA-D-D BASIC/RT11 Language Reference Manual (PDF 20 MB) (TIFF 26 MB)
DEC-11-LFGOA-A-D Getting Started with RT-11 FORTRAN (PDF 8 MB) (TIFF 6 MB)
DEC-11-LFLRA-B-D PDP-11 FORTRAN Language Reference Manual (PDF 16 MB) (TIFF 22 MB)
DEC-11-LIBMA-A-D MU BASIC/RT-11 System Installation Guide (PDF 11 MB) (TIFF 13 MB)
DEC-11-LIBRA-A-D MU Basic/RT-11 User's Manual (PDF 11 MB) (TIFF 16 MB)
DEC-11-LRFPA-A-D RT-11 FORTRAN Compiler and Object Time System User's Manual (PDF 6 MB) (TIFF 10 MB)
DEC-11-ORCPA-E-D Getting Starting With RT-11 (V02B) (PDF 7 MB) (TIFF 11 MB)
DEC-11-ORDDA-A-D RT-11 Documentation Directory (PDF 2 MB) (TIFF 5 MB)
DEC-11-ORGMA-A-D RT-11 System Generation Manual (PDF 16 MB) (TIFF 21 MB)
DEC-11-ORGMA-A-D, DN1 RT-11 System Generation Manual (PDF 15 MB) (TIFF 19 MB)
DEC-11-ORMEA-A-D RT-11 System Message Manual (PDF 8 MB) (TIFF 9 MB)
DEC-11-ORNRA-A-D RT-11 V02C System Release Notes (PDF 2 MB) (TIFF 6 MB)
DEC-11-ORPGA-A-D RT-11 Software Support Manual (PDF 4 MB) (TIFF 8 MB)
DEC-11-ORPGA-B-D RT-11 Software Support Manual (PDF 32 MB) (TIFF 24 MB)
DEC-11-ORPGA-B-D, DN1 RT-11 Software Support Manual (PDF 60 MB)
DEC-11-ORUGA-C-D RT-11 System Reference Manual (PDF 181 MB)
DEC-11-UTECA-B-D PDP-11 TECO User's Guide (PDF 14 MB) (TIFF 15 MB)
DEC-11-XSPSA-G-D RT-11 V02C August 1976 Software Performance Summary (PDF 11 MB) (TIFF 16 MB)


AA-0001A-TC Introduction to RMS-11 (TIFF 4 MB)
AA-0157B-TC BASIC-PLUS-2 RSX-11M&IAS User's Guide (PDF 11 MB) (TIFF 14 MB)
AA-1101D-TC Scientific Subroutines Programmer's Reference Manual (PDF 31 MB) (TIFF 36 MB)
AA-1821E-TC IAS, RSX, VAX/VMS FORTRAN IV Installation Guide & Release Notes (TIFF 4 MB)
AA-1855D-TC PDP-11 FORTRAN Language Reference Manual (TIFF 35 MB)
AA-2515D-TC IAS/RSX-11 I/O Operations Reference Manual (TIFF 22 MB)
AA-2542C-TC RSX-11M Error Logging Reference Manual (TIFF 5 MB)
AA-2544D-TC RSX-11M Executive Reference Manual (TIFF 13 MB)
AA-2552D-TC RSX-11M System Generation Manual (TIFF 26 MB)
AA-2555C-TC Introduction to RSX-11M (TIFF 4 MB)
AA-2555D-TC Introduction to RSX-11M (TIFF 4 MB)
AA-2567D-TC RSX-11M Operator's Procedures Manual (TIFF 18 MB)
AA-2573F-TC RSX-11M/RSX-11S Release Notes (TIFF 5 MB)
AA-2573I-TC RSX-11M & RSX-11S Release Notes (PDF 11 MB)
AA-2593D-TC RSX-11M/RSX-11S Documentation Directory (TIFF 2 MB)
AA-2593E-TC RSX-11M/RSX-11S Documentation Directory (TIFF 5 MB)
AA-2593H-TC RSX-11M/RSX-11S Information Directory and Master Index (PDF 42 MB)
AA-2600D-TC RSX-11M Guide to Writing an I/O Driver (TIFF 15 MB)
AA-2600E-TC RSX-11M Guide to Writing an I/O Driver (PDF 48 MB)
AA-5245B-TC RSX-11M Beginner's Guide (TIFF 5 MB)
AA-5430C-TC RSX-11M V03.2 Master Index (TIFF 6 MB)
AA-5567B-TC RSX-11 Utilities Procedures Manual (TIFF 25 MB)
AA-5569B-TC IAS/RSX-11 Disk Save and Compress User's Guide (TIFF 4 MB)
AA-5580A-TC IAS/RSX-11 System Library Routines Reference Manual (TIFF 11 MB)
AA-5580B-TC IAS/RSX-11 System Library Routines Reference Manual (PDF 10 MB)
AA-5581A-TC RSX-11M Crash Dump Analyzer Reference Manual (TIFF 6 MB)
AA-AB46A-TC RSX-11M/M-PLUS and Micro/RSX Task Builder Manual (PDF 220 MB)
AA-D538A-TC RMS-11 User's Guide (TIFF 35 MB)
AA-EZ50A-TC RSX-11M/M-PLUS and Micro/RSX Debugging Reference Manual (PDF 35 MB)
AA-FD05A-TC RSX-11M/M-PLUS Indirect Command Processor Manual (PDF 42 MB)
AA-FD09A-TC RSX-11M/M-PLUS I/O Drivers Reference Manual (PDF 163 MB)
AA-FD10A-TC RSX-11M/M-Plus MCR Operations Manual (PDF 211 MB)
AA-FD11A-TC RSX-11M/M-PLUS and Micro/RSX Crash Dump Analyzer Reference Manual (PDF 75 MB)
AA-FD12A-TC RSX-11M/M-PLUS System Management Guide (PDF 199 MB)
AA-FD13A-TC RSX-11M/M-PLUS Utilities Manual (PDF 116 MB)
AA-FD14A-TC RSX-11M/M-PLUS and Micro/RSX I/O Operations Reference Manual (PDF 78 MB)
AA-FR95A-TC RSX-11/M-PLUS and Micro/RSX Executive Reference Man (PDF 89 MB)
AA-H235A-TC RMS-11 Installation Guide (TIFF 3 MB)
AA-H262A-TC RSX-11M Mini-Index (TIFF 2 MB)
AA-H263A-TC RSX-11M/M-PLUS MCR Operations Manual (TIFF 44 MB)
AA-H264A-TC RSX-11M/M-PLUS Guide To Program Development (TIFF 9 MB)
AA-H265A-TC RSX-11/M-PLUS Executive Reference Manual (TIFF 44 MB)
AA-H266A-TC RSX-11M/M-PLUS Task Builder Manual (TIFF 23 MB)
AA-H268A-TC RSX-11 Utilities Manual (TIFF 46 MB)
AA-H269A-TC RSX-11M/M-Plus I/O Drivers Reference Manual (TIFF 38 MB)
AA-H270A-TC RSX-11M/M-PLUS Error Logging Reference Manual (TIFF 5 MB)
AA-H271A-TC RSX-11M/M-PLUS User Mode Diagnostics Reference Manual (TIFF 16 MB)
AA-H272A-TC RSX-11M/M-PLUS Crash Dump Analyzer Reference Manual (TIFF 58 MB)
AA-H625A-TC RSX-11M System Generation and Management Guide (TIFF 27 MB)
AA-H625D-TC RSX-11M System Generation and Installation Guide (RSX-11M Version 4.2) (PDF 114 MB)
AA-H683A-TC RMS-11 MACRO-11 Reference Manual (TIFF 21 MB)
AA-L668A-TC RSX-11M/M-PLUS RMS-11 Macro Programmer's Guide (PDF 76 MB)
AA-L669A-TC RSX-11M/M-PLUS RMS-11 User's Guide (PDF 44 MB)
AA-L670A-TC RSX-11M/M-PLUS RMS-11 Utilities (PDF 64 MB)
AA-L671A-TC RSX-11M/M-PLUS Batch and Queue Operations Manual (PDF 36 MB)
AA-L672C-TC RSX-11M Command Language Manual (PDF 11 MB)
AA-L674B-TC RSX-11M/M-PLUS Error Logging Manual (PDF 96 MB)
AA-L676A-TC RSX-11M/M-PLUS Guide To Program Development (PDF 10 MB)
AA-L682A-TC RSX-11M/M-PLUS RMS-11 An Introduction (PDF 11 MB)
AA-L763B-TC Introduction to RSX-11M (PDF 12 MB)
AA-M476A-TK EDT Editor Manual (PDF 171 MB)
AA-M507A-TC IAS & RSX-11 ODT Reference Manual (PDF 24 MB)
AA-V027A-TC PDP-11 MACRO-11 Language Reference Manual (PDF 36 MB)
AA-W259F-TC RSX-11M Version 4.2 Update Notes Revision A (PDF 2 MB)
AA-W259H-TC RSX-11M Version 4.2 Update Notes Revision C (PDF 5 MB)
AA-W259I-TC RSX-11M Version 4.2 Update Notes Revision D (PDF 7 MB)
DEC-11-LFIGA-B-D IAS/RSX-11 FORTRAN IV Installation Guide (TIFF 3 MB)
DEC-11-LFPGB-C-D FORTRAN IV-PLUS Installation Guide (TIFF 4 MB)
DEC-11-LFPOA-A-D FORTRAN IV-PLUS Object Time System Reference Manual (TIFF 12 MB)
DEC-11-OIMRA-B-D IAS/RSX-11 MACRO-11 Reference Manual (TIFF 14 MB)
DEC-11-OIODA-B-D IAS/RSX-11 ODT Reference Manual (TIFF 8 MB)
DEC-11-OMBGA-A-D RSX-11M Beginner's Guide (TIFF 4 MB)
DEC-11-UPRMA-B-D PDP-11 Preservation Utility (PRESRV) User's Guide (TIFF 3 MB)
SPD 14.35.15 RSX-11M, Version 3.2 Real Time Operating System (TIFF 2 MB)

February 20th, 2011, 06:28 PM
Thanks for doing this

February 21st, 2011, 12:58 PM
Ah - now I see where the stuff came from; next to be able to access it - great effort, thank you!

February 21st, 2011, 01:38 PM
Hi Jack,

Saw your post in another thread - glad you found your way here.

Here's the deal... I've been in the habit of manually making website mirrors of really interesting sites, for years. I have this paranoia of "internet expiration". You and I both know the internet is not only DYNAMIC, but temporary and perishable. Case in point, UQ's Museum of I.T.

When I realized that I'd missed their "final swansong", it had already been gone a couple months.

Just two weeks ago, I located the stuff I'd archived and began making a mirror out of it. [This is a process where the saved html documents and java scripts etc., are [I]manually edited to make them publishable on a web server] All the while, I've been trying to reach anyone at the museum or university to obtain a final copy of the site contents from them, and permission to mirror it.

So far, no responses... other than "mailbox doesn't exist rejections".

At this point I have no objection to offering the site's content privately to individuals, but I am not quite to the point where I'm comfortable making it available to the whole world as a "mirror".

I have limited bandwidth and resources to host it myself, which is another not-so-minor issue considering it's ~11GB in size and much of my Web Resources are already committed to a site I'm hosting. [unrelated]

Hence my offer to exchange documents on a more limited basis. Please PM me with the ones you want [from the list above], and I'll return a link where you can get them.
We'll try transferring by http first. If that doesn't work, I'll setup an ftp server for you.

How does that sound?

June 2nd, 2012, 01:28 AM
Here's the deal... I've been in the habit of manually making website mirrors of really interesting sites, for years. I have this paranoia of "internet expiration". You and I both know the internet is not only DYNAMIC, but temporary and perishable. Case in point, UQ's Museum of I.T.

Good call. Indeed, I concur completely. Things are vanishing faster from the internet these days than they appeared.

At this point I have no objection to offering the site's content privately to individuals, but I am not quite to the point where I'm comfortable making it available to the whole world as a "mirror".

And how about now? I've got a 24/7 available piece of storage here to which you can upload it, if you want. I'll gladly host it!

I came across this post, because of a request on a mailing list I am subscribed to for one document in this repository. But when I read your list above of the contents, I face-palmed for missing the chance to create my own mirror for this. ;)

Hope to hear from you!

June 2nd, 2012, 09:08 AM
Al's also working on putting it on bitsavers as we speak...


June 2nd, 2012, 09:50 AM
It seems my resources will soon, no longer be required.

June 2nd, 2012, 01:32 PM
It seems my resources will soon, no longer be required.Well, this thread of yours and your resources were mentioned and appreciated elsewhere and may well be part of what drew Al's attention to the need to save another copy, so thank you!

June 2nd, 2012, 03:25 PM
Thank you MikeS, for posting a link to the Bitsavers content, and making the community aware it would be appearing there.

I'm glad if my efforts helped the community. I processed document inquiries for quite a few members since creating this thread. Everyone has been very respectful of my requests - to not publicly post the links I provided to my content, and I greatly appreciate it.

Al's uploads look to be more "up-to-date" than mine, which were probably captured almost a year before shutdown. After the original site was taken down, I understand the museum's curator quietly announced his intention to make the downloads available via his own means, and continue processing further documents. It took quite some time for this however.

It may be that the Bitsaver's content is from him, I really don't know.

My mirror, while it contained the documents [which I could feel Ok about sharing] it also contained all the site's web pages and images too. These appeared to be copyrighted to the University of Queensland, and consequently I was reluctant to upload them anywhere without permission. [Which I was unsuccessful in making contact to obtain]

It appears that Al's content will only be the download files, avoiding my concerns.

In any case - it is good that they're being kept / made available at a more capable venue. Al has been a great asset to the community in doing all that he does, and we are all appreciative of his continuing efforts.

June 2nd, 2012, 03:32 PM
Anyone who helps getting and / or keeping information on the Internet is a hero in *my* book. So thank you - much appreciated.
We really don't know how valuable that information was until it perishes.