View Full Version : 32-bit Memory Expansion for 386 motherboard?

March 15th, 2011, 09:28 PM
I have a 'HOT-304' 386 motherboard that, according to stason (http://stason.org/TULARC/pc/motherboards/S/SHUTTLE-COMPUTER-INTERNATIONAL-INC-386-HOT-304.html), is a Shuttle Computer International system. Right now it's got a 25 MHz AMD 386 clone in it, and no numeric processor. I'm curious about the '32-bit memory expansion' slot, though, which looks like a standard 16-bit ISA slot that happens to be at the 'front' of the motherboard. Was there a standard for such cards, or is the proprietary and I'll never find one. The only thing I see on ebay is a compaq card '32-bit memory expansion card', but looking at the picture, it also suspiciously looks like it's a similar slot design to a 16-bit ISA, just at the wrong end of the mobo, like my computer's slot.

Anyone remember these/have a system with one?

I have a better 386 motherboard (in so far as it can take a wider range of processors and a bigger memory load), but I don't have the 4Mx9 30-pin SIMMS to put in it yet.


March 15th, 2011, 09:36 PM
Nope, sorry. No standard that I know of. Sometimes, even with the same manufacturer (e.g. Micronics), they're different between models.

March 16th, 2011, 06:24 AM
Bummer (sort of...I'm not really that surprised). I guess this will be almost, but not completely, impossible to find, then. Like I said, I have a more recent 386 mobo with a better feature set (larger cache and more diverse processor load), but it would have been fun to bring this other board to it's full potential.