View Full Version : Allied Telesis NIC card

January 16th, 2006, 09:57 AM
I found this in the storage area while looking for something. (that I never found) Its an Allied Telesis Network Interface Card. Its a 16-bit ISA card that runs at 10Base-T. This is BRAND NEW unused. The box is a little beatup but the card and software is still sealed. Is it worth anything or is it just common? It was being held for use as a backup, but the machine it went to I never saw and has been gone for many years. I might sell it if anyone is intrested, but right now i'm just wondering how much its worth, if anything.


P.S. Its another reject from the electronics lab, I went back to it a while back and the only things left were a busted work cell computer thingy and a transformer the size of my head. (Of course there was the stuff to operate the lab, its not empty, but that stuff isin't for the taking :) )