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January 23rd, 2006, 08:30 PM
Okay, based on the reviews of the original Flashback, it got not so good reviews and theCommodore CDTV favored in the comparison.

I have heard nothing but good reviews about the Flashback2, and there hasn't been any response from the CDTV people.

Is it time for a release of an updated model? It seems Atari has found a good thing. I have posted at atariage.com about what computer Atari should make next, what about CDTV?? (post follows)

I wouldn't mind seeing a re-release of an Atari computer. I think it would be ultra cool to be able to go down and buy a NEW, say, Atari Multi-Mega ST. I think I'll go ahead and throw in my wish list for such a machine:

One piece, with keyboard and computer all in one (sometimes referred to as zero-footprint)

All the frills of hardware with usb, pcmcia(!), cd, the works.

Some kind of Atari-Linux, maybe a Linux version styled after the original os?

VGA or TV output (but no special monitors this time).

Cartridge capable, and let's say, no hdd, everything on rom.

Yeah, that sounds like a neat machine :inlove:

January 24th, 2006, 04:16 AM
No market, or at least not enough market to cover the expenses. It is amazing enough that the "new" Atari listened to the criticism for the first Flashback, and agreed to make a better unit based on what I suppose is a 3rd party fan's design.

Atari is a games company, even more now than before. If they were to plow down money into a hopeless project, why not try to make a follow-up to Jaguar? It'd be tough to compete with Xbox 360, PS3 and Re..Nintendo whatever, but I think on a personal computer market it would be just as tough competing with all the PC manufacturers and Apple.

Maybe a new Atari operating system only, runnable on any PC?

If they would make a new Atari computer, I suggest join forces with either AmigaOne, Amy or any other similar project. That would be a PPC machine with a G4. I don't know what have happened to Motorola's CPU division and what will happen to IBM's PPC series now when Apple moved on to Intel X86.

When it comes to the "new" Commodore, they seem to focus on multimedia units and this last handheld GPS with built-in NES emulation, most probably a design bought off the shelf from China. I doubt we'll see another unit based on the C64DTV or its technology.

Kaptain Skitzo
January 28th, 2006, 03:29 PM
I thought I'd seen your avatar on there. I'm [d2f]Iggy*SJB on AtariAge. I decided to use my Team Fortress name on there, for some bizarre reason.

The FB2 really IS a nice unit. I have one, but haven't done the "2600 cart" hack to it(yet?)...I actually want to keep the thing intact. I may have to buy another one and do the hack on it, if I can't get my real 2600 working.

I can attest that even if you don't like many of the games on there(I'm only hooked on 2 of the main 40...and can't find my damned paddles for the hidden games), the joysticks are VERY well constructed, and IMO, worth the money for the whole thing.

I like the Commodore stick...probably because everything on it is the REAL game software, rather than some poor attempt at a conversion. I wish there were more higher quality games on it, but it has several titles on it that I really enjoy. I've had it for about a year now, and I still play with it. Factoring in the fact that I have the original hardware, working and hooked up, AND the games that I like to play on the stick, says something about the stick itself. There is virtually no load times(which is probably the best advantage), and the stick is fairly well constructed.

I also have the Namco Pac-Man stick, with 4 other games on it, and while the games are decent and all, I'm a little disappointed with the fact that they aren't the "original arcade versions".
Same thing with the "Frogger" stick, but at least that one only cost me $5.

The "Buzztime" trivia PnP unit is real neat, if you are into trivia games. I highly recommend it.