View Full Version : Replacement for old processors and other complex PDIP logic.

May 1st, 2011, 11:01 AM
I recently discovered these boards - OHO-Elektronik GODIL Series (http://www.trenz-electronic.de/products/fpga-boards/oho-elektronik.html). They've taken a Spartan 3E FPGA, SPI flash, XO, and FET based level shifters and married it all onto 40 & 48 pin PDIP form factor PCBs. The idea was to design a programmable logic board that could be used to replace hard to find/obsolete +5V TTL vintage logic. Pretty cool idea and might be useful for those here who like to tinker with their own board level hobby projects - especially since it still keeps things through hole and 5V. ISE Webpack is free to use for non-commercial projects for most low to middle end Xilinx programmable devices - including the Spartan 3E.