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May 12th, 2011, 05:25 AM

I'm pretty new to the Tiki-100 and just got one (stored well - to a good home). My knowledge of CP/M isn't that fantastic either. It now works well. I had to clean the diskette drive properly - open it up, a cleaning diskette didn't do the job. So now it reads its own diskettes properly. :D

I tried to transfer the diskettes to pc trying several 360K drives. 90% of the floppies reports sectors 2-10 only so sector 1 is missing. Is it possible that the drive that wrote these has a misaligned index hole detector starting each track too early. Cramming in 10 sectors of 512 byte is maybe a bit marginal and this is the problem. Is this a common problem?

The floppy drive is a bit special because it has head load (the pad is lowered) more typical for 8" drives. Maybe I could transfer via another drive... is it only to attach another drive? Monitor v1.30, does it support two drives? Is the cable for the second drive a straight parallel jumpered accordingly? Can it use a standard PC type 360K drive? Would it be possible to use a 3.5" in 720K mode?

Thinking that cloning disks to a good compatible drive and then to image that disk is a good solution.

Anyone here heard of "Another C Compiler" by Egil Kvaleberg? From 1982 so it is probably some kind of K&R C or a subset of that. No manual though only a disk with compiler and libraries...


May 12th, 2011, 07:21 AM
If youare familiar with DOS, then CP/M shouldn't be any problem. The user-interface is very similar, and many comands are even similar or close to similar.

The hardware interface is similar to the PC, but the drive number is choosen by a jumper on the floppydrive itself. ROM version 1.30 supports only single-sided media, while ROM version 1.35 adds support for dual-side media. ROM 2.03w even supports 800KB disks (DSQD, not DSHD).

Exactly what process do you use to transfer the disks to PC? I have successfully been able to image a Tiki-100 disk (the only one I have) using a central point deluxe option board, for then to extract and decode the MFM encoded data using a custom program. However, getting an option board may not be the easiest task. Have you tried 22DISK, or is that the one which reports the track missing?

May 13th, 2011, 02:00 AM
I have used both 22DISK and ANADISK and I have tried 3 different 360K drives. Those drives were those I had easily accessible. I have more... and also 1.2MB drives but I'm not sure is these tools understand to read the disks in DD mode skipping every other track.

22DISK reports sectors 2-10 on scan, ANADISK agrees and makes an invalid disk image of 188K. I imagine there should always be a sector 1.

Purpose... to create a backup that is readable to not only that specific machine. Maybe so some of the images can be used in an emulator. The C compiler might be of interest to others.

I'm familiar with the proper way floppydrives are connected as opposed to the IBM trick, yes. Very good thank you for confirming that. And I think B: uses DS1 so a pc drive would go in straight. Possibly I need to do something about termination too. I think I want the machine to remain original so anything like that is only temporary. Nice specimen Kontiki-100 model 2C serial number 3520-389.

It is possible that a newly written clone of the disks work better. I will have to find out more... RÅKOPI? Unfortunately I got very little documentation. Are there any parameters necessary for RÅKOPI to clone a disk on a machine with only one drive.


PS My main interest is TRS-80 model I and the compatible machines, especially the EACA machine. But I do other old machines too. Apple2 PC SGI BBC C64... now Tiki-100 also.

May 13th, 2011, 02:31 AM
Råkopi is actually very simple to use. It will work off one single drive, and will prompt you to insert the source and destination disks; just like Diskcopy in DOS.

I assume you use the correct disk definition files for 22DISK (can be found at http://www.djupdal.org/tiki/program/overforing.html ).

May 13th, 2011, 02:58 AM
Ok, I'll try that.

Yes, forgot to mention that, actually downloaded a lot from there. The setting for 22DISK is TIK2 TIKI-100, 200K - SSDD 46 tpi 5.25". I could read 6 out of about 50 diskettes all of which reads fine on the Kontiki-100 after I cleaned the drive properly.


May 13th, 2011, 03:12 AM
By the way, what programs are on the disks? And, do your unit have any expansion cards?

The unit I have got a general digital/analog I/O board. However, I have no idea how to use it as there is more or less no information about it anywhere.

May 13th, 2011, 03:56 AM
No extra cards and only one drive so pretty plain. Also got a monochrome (green) monitor with it Zenith ZVM-123-E.

Except for the C compiler and the original owners stuff (a workmate) it all seems to be on www.djupdal.org

The only manual I got was for BRUM, one page about COPY command in KP/M and some C programming from a book. The C stuff does not apply specifically to any compiler, I think.

I found the service manual (Teknisk Beskrivelse) in the old thread though and have printed it out. It does not seem to have anything on specific extra cards but it does have the interface and unfortunately it seems extra cards can do whatever they want, but I suspect there are special IORQ and/or MREQ areas assigned to them.