View Full Version : Odd fortran problem in SVR3.2

May 12th, 2011, 11:11 AM
I'm playing with the fortran (f77) compiler on an AT&T 3b2/600-G running
SVR3.2.3 and have a problem. This program:
program test
read(5,10) x
10 format(f4.1)

compiles fine but throws an error every time:

$ ./test
Illegal instruction - core dumped

I've tried everything I know of to fix, though admittedly my f77 skilz are
highly rusty. A similar program works fine when using an integer variable and
integer format statement.

I'm linking with libF77.a and can't see another library that I might be
missing. The machine does have floating point capabilities as far as I know.

The program also compiles and runs fine on other f77 compilers, including a modern (?) gnu f77 under linux, and an old f77 under Apple's A/UX.

Any ideas?