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Micom 2000
February 15th, 2006, 09:34 PM
In checking thru my old Atari archives I ran across this. I'd forgotten it and even have one of these external TV boxes that at one time allowed me to use a big NEC monitor as a TV. I'm presently using a Commodore
1802 hooked to a VCR as tuner since my big-screen console died.

I like the brash humor of this.

From dennis.vermeire@ping.be Sun Feb 14 15:30:10 1999
Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.st
Subject: Re: Connect ST to a multi-sync. monitor?
From: <dennis.vermeire@ping.be>
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 20:30:10 GMT
Instead of giving the standard answer "find a second hand monitor
who can manage 15.75Khz", Think about this for a minute....

We're a special kind of breed, yes? There is no one more inventive
in the world then a Atari user, yes?
So, lets be inventive......

Instead of hunting for a old second hand monitor which probably has
had his best years, go hunting for a EXTERNAL VGA TV TUNER.
Connect the tuner between the monitor and the ST, instead of plugging
the antenne cable in the tuner, plug in the RF cable from the ST and
voila...a low and medium resolution like you've never seen before
These external tuners don't cost really much, and a brandnew monitor
might be cheaper then a 10 years old Nec 3D. As a addional bonus you
get a televison with teletext and zapper thrown in. You can connect the
tuner to every size monitor and it even works with LCD flatscreens....

So, stop the hunt for old and outdated monitors, leave those for Amiga
users, we're the inventive & special breed, get a VGA Tuner

Cheers from Belgium



February 22nd, 2006, 11:11 PM
AverMedia has an interesting line of stand-alone TV tuners that do exactly what we need. Since you connect the tuner directly to the VGA input on the monitor, the video quality should be much better than on an internal TV tuner using the RF-input. I always got catastrophic picture when I tried to use an internal TV tuner. Here's the list of "inputs" for AVerTV Box 5:

* Input Signal:
- Coaxial TV Antenna Input
- Audio Input (R/L)
- VGA Input
- Composite (RCA) Video Input
- S-Video Input
- PC Audio Input

There's also a video converter called AverKey Lite PC to TV which has VGA input and is capable of converting it to S-Video and Composite signals. Could be useful for playing emulators on old monitors like Commodore 1084 and the rest :)