View Full Version : Soldering ICs

February 12th, 2010, 05:31 PM
Soldering ICs is little different from soldering any other parts, although it pays to take some precautions. Before soldering in a replacement IC, consider using a socket to facilitate any future repairs and spare the chip and circuit board from excessive heat.
ICs are often more sensitive to overheating than, for example, a resistor, so care should be taken to prevent prolonged exposure to the soldering iron. If a joint is not entirely satisfactory, wait for the pin to cool before attempting to tidy it up. You can always carry on soldering on the other side of the chip in the mean time.
The size and number of pins of a large IC can present a challenge when it comes to properly aligning the chip in the board. Ensure all pins are correctly located before starting. It helps to hold the chip (or socket) in place with tape or something like Blu-Tack. Alternatively, the pins of the chip/socket can be bent to hold the part in place. This does however make removal more difficult and increases the risk of damage to the IC should it need to be salvaged at some time.