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February 23rd, 2006, 05:53 AM
Hi -
I searched for card separators on Digikey, Code Micro, or Jameco (some people call them "risers.") - no specific luck. I have emailed them for assistance. In the mean time...

I am trying to install a small computer board on top of a computer motherboard, so that the smaller board is about 9/16" separated from the motherboard. There is not much clearance and I want to just make it a few hairs above the IC's on the motherboard or I can't close the lid of the computer. There are holes in both boards that line up for the risers (the small board is made to be attached to the motherboard with risers). My local Radio Shack's card separators/risers are either too short or too tall.

The card separators/risers have screw holes on either end so that you can fasten them to the boards.

Does anyone in this group have four 9/16" risers that they'd like to sell or trade me? I actually found two in my supplies, but I need four of the same height. If anyone would like a picture to get a better idea of what I need, let me know via private email.

Bill Degnan

February 23rd, 2006, 07:13 PM
Are you talking about 'standoffs'? Digikey ought to have zillions of sizes and shapes. Try here: