View Full Version : Need Opinions On choice of Sound Blaster cards...

August 13th, 2011, 07:19 PM
Well, here is the dilemma I'm faced with. I have 2 Sound Blaster cards for my "Vintage"
Pentium 1 system.

Option 1 Is to leave the current card (SB AWE32 CT3600) in place and use that. This has the
downside of 9x PNP worries (This system is going to be a Mindows and 3.11 setup, run from a
read-only CF card)

Option 2 is to replace the above and my current scsi controller (Adaptec 2940) with a
Sound Blaster 16 scsi with the upgrade chip. Pretty much the only reason I use the 2940 is for 3x Nakiminchi
5 disc changers. I've never really used the SB16 Scsi cards, and I'm unsure as to how
they will handle the drives, as each disc has its own LUN. But, IIRC the sb16 scsi has
one .sys driver for cdroms, and would free up a slot in this thing (As well as a driver in config.sys)

Its worth mentioning that i dont intend this system to really be a gameing one. I *MIGHT* throw
in some old dos era games (Duke Nukem derivative) as well as possibly Quake 1 or 2 (At the very most)
but probabily not. This system will never see a scsi hd or anything else Scsi-related.


Thanks for your input.