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August 25th, 2011, 05:48 AM

The Netherlands based consumer electronics company Philips produced and marketed computers in the 1980s through the 1990s. It remains active in the computer monitor and peripheral market space through today.

Some notable computer produced and marketed by Philips over the years:
1969: Philips P1000: mainframe platform
1970s: Philips P350, Philips P450, Philips P800, Philips P4000: office computers
1980s: Philips MSXs: MSX based home computers
1981: Philips P2000: home computer (Z80)
1978: Philips Viodeopac G7000: video game console
1986 - early 1990s: Philips personal computers: P2120, P2230, P3105, P3120, P3202, P3204, P3230, P3238, P3302, P3345, P3348SX, P3349, P3355 SX-20, P3355 SX-20C, P3361, P3371, P3464:
1991: CD-i, CISC based

Philips also sold computers under a joint venture: Vendex HeadStart machines with 8086/80286 processors. Philips also sold it's computers in North America under the Magnavox brand name (a company it hard acquired in 1974).

Philips was never successful at computer products. Its personal computers notoriously failed to generate sales volume and consequently were never a profitable niche for Philips. Philips computer monitors however were fairly successful through both CRT VGA/SVGA period as well as the TFT/LCD VGA/SVGA period. Philips sales were generally strong in Europe but negligible outside Europe.