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March 9th, 2006, 11:12 PM
Ah yes, I had more fun printing out important work documents on my second HP printer, a DeskJet 855C that I got for $4 at a thrift shop which was in basically "like new" condition. Before that I've had more than one Lexmark Z-22 ink jet (neither I've even bothered with because of a strong warning from a former girlfriend, her parents, old co-workers, and just about everyone except the household cat that they are absolute shit), an old Purple and white Epson that did not even make it to the bedroom before falling apart in my hands, and my ol 841C ink jet that seemed to have been sought out by gremlins the night before work, where all logic had left the device making whirring noises and wobbling around like a bumbling electronic idiot, and needless to say, I put a hammer though it and put it out of it's misery (and then an old Unisys/Okidata that had died in the move when I realized I needed to go out and get yet ANOTHER printer).......gawd I regret dumping that old Epson that I had with my TAndy 1000 SX that worked perfectly because some stinkin fool told me "it's obsolete", I think in protest, I refuse to upgrade for the next 10 years (pouts angrily).

Just what is it with printers these days, at one time, you could get something decent cheap, now it just seems their out there to get you to buy the printer, then eat up your hard earned money on ink for the darn ink guzzlers, then have it eat up 5 pages of printer paper when you need a technical document for work at midnight! GRRRR!

I think Hewlett Peckerheads and the rest of these guys need to put their heads together, out of all the Epson, Lexmark, and HP printers I've had post 1998, not a darn one of them was lacking in problems. Does ANYBODY make a decent ink jet anymore? I'm hating to think I'm going to have to live off of Ramen for awhile to get a second hand Laser Jet printer, jebus, all I want is a measly 16 page document printed, and my bloody HP is being a pain in the arse again.

I know, I think the next band I join, we'll go put a want ad in the paper for non-working or just plain old Ink Jets, bring em on stage, and unlike grunge bands or punk bands who smash valueable musical instruments, we'll smash old crap printers! And use the parts to make a myriad of nasty noises. I think I need to give GMW a call, and get em to paint me a guitar that says LEXMARK SUX across the front with a custom paint job that looks like a wrinked and torn piece of printer paper.

March 10th, 2006, 12:32 AM
About 5 years ago my dad bought an Epson Stylus Color 880 mostly for office use. It cost about $350 back then but it was worth it. The printer still works great, doesn't use too much ink, has decent printing speed and is capable of printing superb photos provided you feed it better than average paper.

On the other hand, I bought an Epson C42UX inkjet and regret ever getting it! It was a slow cheap piece of plastic shit that used hectolitres of ink and regularly needed to have it's nozzles cleaned. Needles to say, print quality was crap. You could get better quality from an old 24-pin dot-matrix printer. Two sets of ink cartridges (2x black and color) cost more than the printer itself. IIRC I spent about $200 on ink cartridges in two years.

And what's the lesson? Never buy a cheap printer ;) Now I own a HP LaserJet 1020 and it's been great so far.


P.S. After all these years you can still buy ribbons for dot-matrix printers. Sometimes I regret getting rid of the trusty old Epson FX850. It was a great printer...

March 10th, 2006, 09:03 AM
P.S. After all these years you can still buy ribbons for dot-matrix printers. Sometimes I regret getting rid of the trusty old Epson FX850. It was a great printer...

No kidding, and the supply of ink in em' is about as endless as it can get. Unlike an ink jet which needs new carts at least once a year for about $60.

March 10th, 2006, 09:12 AM
Just do what I do, Don't print. I know thats not an option for most people, but I haven't printed anything in over a year.


March 10th, 2006, 11:13 AM
Or go for a second hand laser printer from one of the better recognized brands - at least something for which you can get a toner cartridge. It may not print in colour, but even unused, the toner seems to last much longer than ink does, and the print quality for documents often is a lot sharper. Here, you could get a second hand HP LaserJet 4/5/6 for maybe $75 or even less - a brand new one starts somewhere around $150-200.

March 11th, 2006, 07:50 AM
I would go without printing if possible, shoot, I did for the longest time, then I started working, and all these IT companies are constantly asking for time sheets, that I take documents on-site, that I print and fax this and print and fax that, it's nuts.

I might just try to dig up a used Laser Printer whenever one turns up at the local thrifts, as they have before, maybe an old IBM or Epson workhorse.

March 11th, 2006, 12:58 PM
Maybe some of the IT companies you work for have some old stuff they're clearing out? The LJ4 and LJ4000 series may have a higher second hand value than I posted, because if you replace the parts that wear down and get new toner cartridges, those HP workhorses seem to work forever if you take care of them - I've seen professionally refurbished HP LaserJet 4 easily sell for $200.

CP/M User
March 12th, 2006, 06:59 PM
"Mad-Mike" wrote:

> I think I need to give GMW a call, and get em to
> paint me a guitar that says LEXMARK SUX across the
> front with a custom paint job that looks like a
> wrinked and torn piece of printer paper.

I agree with what your saying about those Lexmark printers,
I've heard nothing but problems about those printers. Sadily
it's been almost 10 years since I first layed eye's on the
first & last Lexmark printer I was to use & since then I've
heard nothing but complants about people having these
printers. Which begs me to raise the question - How can a
piece of crap keep going for 10 years?

If I hear one person say they can use one of those printers
without error - I will send them an award (for them to print
it out & hang on their wall - I'll even put the Lexmark
printer logo - provided they can supply this, on it! ;-)

I have a Cannon printer (on my Win95 machine) & an Epson USB
on my WinXP machine. The Epson printer leaves my Cannon
printer for dead! It's one of those with individual colours
inks & it even tells you how much ink (on the computer) is
in them - so you know what & when to refill. It's a little
hard on it though & the carts are around $20 which is a bit
steep for 6 carts. My other Cannon just had the Individual
Colour cart (very annoying) - but it was a really cheap
printer at the time. I paid a little more for the Epson &
feel it's not bad, but what I can't work out is the story
with the printer head - trying to get the Inks out when the
printer head likes to stick itself over part of the cover -
making it impossible to open the clip which holds the carts
in. My Aunties Epson printer is also the same (much older
though - it just has one port for the Colour ink & one for
the B&W).

But anyway!

March 25th, 2006, 08:38 PM
You should probably send my ex-room mate that to print out, she tried to get me to buy a Lexmark! Like hell! 4 Z-22's don't lie, Lexmark sucks.....electricity, toner, ink, and the money out of your wallet.

Well, I just fixed my problem, went to the local thrift, and lucked out! Got an HP LaserJet 4L, in brand new condition complete with manual for $10! Since I fix these on my job, this should be a piece of cake to keep working, so far it's done my income tax work without fail or jams. So I guess there IS a good ending to my hunt for a printer that I can hold onto like that battered old PC of mine. This darn thing even has instructions for DOS and Windows 3.1 in the manual, and prints faster and better than that piece o' junk that's at least 4 years newer than the 4L is. And I still have my old Epson, but I don't think my neighbors at my new apartment would appreciate me running that thing at 3 in the morning.

March 26th, 2006, 02:07 PM
Just dropped another $70 on ink for the Canon. I like the printer, but man the ink hurts.

Had an Epson Stylus Color 500 before the Canon. Besides the ink being impossible to find after the first year, it had a serious design flaw. Changing the ink cartridge did not change the print head. The head was part of the printer, and when it clogged it was impossible to unclog. It was a good printer so I purchased the replacement head once ($75), but after the second time I threw it out of the front door onto the concrete, then did a dance on it. Inspired by the movie 'Office Space'.

The Epson was good in that it understood straight ASCII and the old Epson ESC codes, which was great for printing old documents that were in that format. (It was common to pass graphics documents around as printer ESC codes .. this is back when word processors only did text.) The Canon doesn't even understand ASCII .. without the Windows device driver, it's a doorstop.

March 26th, 2006, 10:05 PM
I've had plenty of inkjets die on me and still swear by my Epson LQ-570 as it hasn't died yet, the ribbons are $7 each and it'll even work on the atari. I have to admit though, I have an hp 4110 and 3520 and neither have given up the ghost yet. Not bad on ink and it's nice to have a copier or fax when I need it. I've had both of them for about a year and a year and a half. I still consider this a test period, cause of all the other dead inkjets. One more, I had a Kodak something-or-other, a black model, really slick looking that took memory cards. I got rid of it while it worked cause ink was $120 and I wasn't willing to pay. The Epson is the catch-all printer, as it has printed from everything so far and still works. I've had it for six years.

March 27th, 2006, 06:32 PM
This thread has me curious, now. I'm gonna have to dig out the old Panasonic KX-P2135 Color (24 pin dot-matrix, baby!) and see if it still works. The multi-color ribbon is probably dried out...