View Full Version : VCF East 3.0 exhibits are now sold out!

March 13th, 2006, 11:46 AM
As of this morning, there are no more booths available for VCF East 3.0. We'll start a waiting list though if anyone still wants to exhibit. Obviously, questions about exhibiting and such should NOT be directed to this list, but rather to me off-list (evan@snarc.net)

The exhibitors are:

1. The Corestore (IBM minis): Mike Ross
2. The Warpstock OS/2 Museum: Mark Dodel
3. PDP-8/e with RK05 running OS/8: Jeffrey Katz
4. TRS-80 timeline: Kelly Leavitt
5. The Atari Museum: Curt Vendel
6. Early laptops / portables: Evan Koblentz (non-judged, obviously)
7. The Mothership Exhibit (Apple 30th anniversary): Jim O'Brien
8. Canon Cat - What the Mac Might Have Been: Andrew Molloy
9. Import Japanese Games & Computers from the 80s: Carlson Stevens
10. Ohio Scientific desktops: Bill Sudbrink
11. PDP-8: David Gesswein
12. NASA Apollo Guidance Computer: Frank O'Brien
13. Briel Computers AltairPC: Vince Briel
14. (to be determined): Andy Meyer
15. KIM-1 and friends: Jack Rubin
16. Commodore B Series Computer Lab: Bill Degnan

The five guest speakers are:
1. Steve Lukasik (ARPA in the 70s)
2. David Ahl (Creative Computing mag)
3. Ray Holt (early microprocessor work)
4. Ray Borrill (50 years in computers)
5. Sol Libes (Origins of personal computers)

The basic info for public attendees:
- When: Saturday, May 13, 9:30AM-6:00PM
- Where: Infoage Learning Center (2201 Marconi Rd.), Wall Township (a.k.a. Belmar), N.J., USA, North America, Earth.
- Cost: $10 for ages 14+, $7 for ages 13 and under
- Parking: free
- If the event is a huge success: thank Evan :)
- If the event is a huge failure: blame Sellam :)