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October 9th, 2011, 10:20 AM
A couple of days ago, I finished soldering up my DracBlade (http://www.smarthome.jigsy.com/propeller) machine from a kit, and today I made CP/M boot on it (with lots of help from other people). I only connect a serial terminal to it, and that was a slight complication, as the initial stuff was mostly set up for a VGA screen and a local (ps/2) keyboard.
Here is a serial session:

tingo@kg-u35jc:~$ cu -s 115200 -l /dev/ttyUSB0
Testing for SD card
*** KyeDOS SD card operating system v3.01 by Kwabena W. Agyeman & J. Moxham ***
Type Help for command listing
SIO initialized, 5 cogs free.
KBD initialized, 4 cogs free.
VGA initialized, 2 cogs free.
qZ80 I/O starting...
Volume serial #E3E6-DA22, label NO NAME
BOOT.DSK, sector 01F7C0, size 256, 2011-10-09 02:23:42
A.DSK, sector 0237E0, size 32.0MB, 2011-10-09 02:23:42 contiguous - okay.
B.DSK, sector 01F7E0, size 8.0MB, 2011-10-09 02:23:42 contiguous - okay.
C.DSK, sector 01B7C0, size 8.0MB, 2011-10-09 02:23:42 contiguous - okay.
I/O initialized, 1 cogs free.
VT100 initialized, 0 cogs free.
Going to start qz80. Goodbye Spin!

64K CP/M Version 2.2 (qZ80, BIOS V1.27_Zi04, 3 HD, 21-Apr-2010)

SuperSUB V1.1
Submit file not found error on line number: 0

I have things like Zork on it:

A>user 1
ZORK I: The Great Underground Empire
Copyright (c) 1981, 1982, 1983 Infocom, Inc. All rights
ZORK is a registered trademark of Infocom, Inc.
Revision 88 / Serial number 840726

West of House
You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with
a boarded front door.
There is a small mailbox here.

Your score is 0 (total of 350 points), in 0 moves.
This gives you the rank of Beginner.
Do you wish to leave the game? (Y is affirmative): >y


Several basic versions:

BBC BASIC (Z80) Version 3.00
(C) Copyright R.T.Russell 1987

BASIC-80 Rev. 5.21
[CP/M Version]
Copyright 1977-1981 (C) by Microsoft
Created: 28-Jul-81
33848 Bytes free

And more, just on the disk images provided. Now I'll have to find me some Pascal and Fortran compilers, and who knows what else. :-)

October 9th, 2011, 01:17 PM
Here's another Dracblade+CP/M user :-)
I built the board quite a while ago but I had some problems with the serial/usb computer connection. Got it working recently (by using an FTDI-based serial/USB converter) and loaded up CP/M.


October 11th, 2011, 09:21 PM
Pascal and Fortran compilers are on the SIMH website http://www.schorn.ch/cpm/intro.php

Fire up the SIMH, copy all the files over to drive I and put that I.DSK image on an SD card and then reboot the propeller emulation.