View Full Version : Need help with confounding floppy drive / motherboard problems...

October 15th, 2011, 09:47 PM
Hello, I've been at a complete loss with a 486 I'm building. Forgive me if this problem has been tackled before - I searched though hundreds of threads and couldn't find any help. I sure hope someone can identify my problems.

Basically, I have a 486 motherboard with onboard controllers (SiS chipset), floppy drive, CD-Rom Drive and 8GB SSD. When I first booted up the system, the BIOS recognized my SSD, but not the CD-Rom drive (which I heard was normal). I could also boot off of floppies. However, when I went into fdisk, it would only show a:\ - no other devices. I figured I'd try and install Dos 6.22, so I started to do so. Before I could finish disk 1, the computer failed to recognize the floppy drive. Any subsequent boot, and the computer wouldn't recognize the floppy drive.

My next step was to take the SSD, stick it in another computer, and boot up gparted. I created 4 1.8GB partitions (one was already created by the Dos setup, but I re-did it), rebooted, and installed Dos. After that I stuck it back into the computer, and it booted into Dos (works, but takes a while to check extended memory). Obviously no change in the floppy drive, but it seems the SSD is the only thing the computer sees.

When it came to troubleshooting the floppy drives, I thought maybe they weren't getting power - but my multimeter shows power well within specifications. I then turned to my floppy cables, but no difference. I then thought it might be the drive, but after trying 6 others, they all had pretty much the same result. Lastly, I thought it might be the onboard floppy controller, but other controller cards produced the same problems. For each step I tried various settings in the BIOS and was only using the bare essentials (power supply, motherboard, video card, floppy drive), but to no effect.

Any ideas?