View Full Version : Cleaning keyboard, what to use to clean it?

October 26th, 2011, 04:37 PM
Hey guys... pulling apart a keyboard (the kind that comes with the Older Macs and the IIGS), and wondering what the best cleaner is to use. I don't want to whiten it yet, just clean it for now. Any particular cleaner that works well? In the past I used to wipe them down with windex and a cloth.

Any help would be great.

October 26th, 2011, 09:08 PM
LA's Totally awesome works great, disassemble, scrub in the sink, rinse and dry, or just take it apart and toss it in the dishwasher.

Works great..

DOS lives on!!
October 27th, 2011, 03:16 AM
When I first read of the dishwasher cleaning method, I was a little skeptical about it. But it works, and I've put a keyboard through that process, and it comes out pristine and working.

After you take it out of the dishwasher, dry it with a towel, put it in the oven (short period of time) to dry out the water on the inside, and let it dry for a week or so near a sunny window to get the remaining water out.

October 27th, 2011, 03:36 AM
I ended up using the Awesome cleaner. We already had some in the house. I put the keys in a container with some full strength Awesome, a dash of Dawn and some hot water. Keys came out spotless, as well as the frame after scrubbing it with Awesome as well.

Here is the end result -