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March 26th, 2006, 09:36 PM
This is a very interesting song - which backs from another
song "Ring of Fire" (yes their Interpretation of the Johnny
Cash song) - which was a bit of a hit for The Animals at that
era, circa 1968 from their "Love Is" album. "Coloured Rain"
was written & performed by Steve Winwood's group of the time
(Traffic) - which I'm also interested in listening to.

But Eric Burdon and The Animals cover of this song ("Coloured
Rain") is quite extradordinary. I hadn't heard it in quite a
while (there've featured this song on a couple of older
Animals CDs - so it's fairly common) - but what hit me was
this song almost has a hint of rap to it. Has anyone heard it
& know what I mean? Does anyone know or is more familiar of
the "Traffic" version - do they perform it in the same manner
if that's the case? Usually I don't care much for rap, but for
some reason I like this song - maybe cause the full intent of
rap is present - it's a late '60s & psychedelic is also
present (and a long song too - 9 minutes 30secs).

I'm just trying to think how the song goes:

"I can feel those Coloured changes, goin' through my mind
United, bringing love, into my eye-eeee, yeah, yeah, yeah
'Til she came along, there was nothing but an empty space"

Cause I might of got some of that wrong - that part sounds as
if a hit of rap creeping in.

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