View Full Version : Zenith restore project

March 29th, 2006, 01:25 PM
I managed to trade my computer hardware teacher for his zenith z-station a few days ago, but it was in horrible shape, dents, and scratches all over the casing, but not on the faceplate. The only faceplate issue is the sticker is half way off, and it had no bay door, but I rectified that with a "same-era" cd-rom,
I spent a few hours beating the dents out of it, and got it straight as an arrow. I will paint it this weekend, but I just wanted to show ya'll this rare PC.
Zenith Z-station 510
Intel 486DX4 100MHz

I know it really isn't considered really old, but I know it is pretty rare. And this is kind of nastalgic considering my second computer was a z-select(low end version)
I will post updates when I get it all prettied up.
It still has a tad of smoke stain, but I am confident I can clean it up, because it isn't textured plastic.
Images of Zenith (http://www.gallery.ubertechworld.com/thumbnails.php?album=46)