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August 11th, 2003, 01:41 AM
Does anyone have of knows a site with disk images of computer
boot disks?

I am planning to start one, but it would be nice to know what is there
already. An example is the http://www.trs-80.com/ site with images
of TRS80 (boot)disks.

Quite a few of the CPM disk formats are readable with standard IBM
hardware and TeleDisk, some need special hardware (for reading
single density), others very special hardware and software like the
Catweazle interface. Some might not be copyable at all.

August 23rd, 2003, 04:07 PM
Do a search for Don Maslin.

He's sorta the keeper of the images.

Saved my bacon several times.


September 21st, 2003, 12:00 AM
How about a site with driver disks for the pre windows 95 era?

Old PC Man
October 21st, 2003, 11:01 PM
You may want to try "http://www.oldstuff.myagora.net/powerload/".

This site has many old DOS files and good links to other sites which may have the drivers you're looking for.

Old PC Man