View Full Version : PS/2 Model 80-041 Boot problem

April 1st, 2006, 08:40 PM
I got this machine as part of an eBay auction. It cost me a total of $.15 plus the 5 miles to pick it up. I'd been trying to get it running for for a few weeks, but gave up. After getting the Compaq II and Model 25 running, I'm finally returning to this. I start it up, and I get the 161 and 163 errors. At that point, I figured it was a matter of changing the battery and running the reference. Thanks to Radioshack, I got a new battery and threw it in. I made a fresh reference disk on a w98 PC in MSDOS mode.
1. Popped it in and turned it on. Still got the same errors. Floppy light turned on and off.
2. I let is sit for over ten minutes.
3. I hit F1.
4. It asks me for a system disk.
5. I hit F1 again with the reference disk in drive.
6. It takes me to IBM BASIC.

Is it my drive, the diskette controller chip, the floppy disk itself?

Micom 2000
April 1st, 2006, 11:31 PM
Sounds like the FDD isn't able to read the disk and the computer goes to the Basic default in the absence of a disk drive. Try cleaning the heads and if that doesn't work install another FDD. As I mentioned to you in my PM I do have working IBM FDDs. I'm a veritable fountain source of PS/2 stuff for that matter.