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April 3rd, 2006, 04:29 AM
I vagerly remember seeing this film (to me it was a long, long time ago) on
TV. Funnily enough it was the same night the "Live Aid" concert was on -
I remember cause my brother was watching it (but of course I was living
up in the country at that time & the rest of the world wouldn't have been
tuned into it - which is why I'm hoping someone might of seen it).

So the year was 1985 (meaning this film had to be perhaps late 70s -
early 80s perhaps). Not sure if it was a TV movie - could have been,
which mean's it might of been around 1983 (usually TV movies were shown
a year or two from within that period). I'm thinking it might of been a TV
movie. However, what made this film interesting was it was some kind of
race against the clock - involving a Bomb (yes a BOMB) placed in some
skyscraper - which was going to do some considerible destruction to the
city. The only other thing I remember was a team of investigators(?) who
eventually came across this Bomb at the climax in the film, but there was
also some bad people involved who were out to stop them, I believe they
were awaiting them at the site of this bomb & shot one of the

Does anyone have any idea which film this maybe - I think it's a film
(unless it's some mini-series, though it didn't see long enough to be one as
such). For some reason I never forgotten about this film (except for the
name) & perhaps a large chunk of details which I can't remember. Since
then I've never seen it. At one time I thought it might of been "The Fourth
Protocol", which had a simular bomb, but it was actually done later on (in
1987) & is an British Film - the one I definitely saw was an American film -
still how many Bomb films could be out there which were made between

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