View Full Version : Presto and Twist and Shout Software for Osborne - For Sale

December 31st, 2011, 08:24 AM
I have 2 pieces of software for the Osborne computer for sale. The first one is called Presto...a multi-function software supercharger...whatever that is! Comes with 1 original 5.25 disk that is version 2.0 (E) for the osborne executive. I have no way to test this disk but it appears in good shape.

Comes in the original small case with the original manual (small booklet).

The second software is called Twist and Shout.The program comes in two parts, TWIST and SHOUT. Twist prints any spreadsheet sideways, and it`s tremendous for those wide, wide spreadsheets you need printed in one piece. Twist works with most dot-matrix printers and many types of files (such as those from SuperCalc, 1-2-3 and WordStar.)

Twist also has one big advantage over Sideways: It will print any ASCII file, not just a spreadsheet. You can print out files made with your word processor, database, whatever.

Shout allows you to print out big signs quickly and easily. Shout prints the big letters out sideways, using tractor feed paper you supply, and is great for welcomes, farewells, congratulations, and anytime you`d like to say things in a big way.

If you have an Epsonesque printer--an Epson or any clone that uses similar print codes--Shout will do ``block gaphics,`` so your words will really stand out.

Banners can be printed in any of three type styles: serif, san serif and Old English. Any or all of the type styles can be combined in a single banner. The programs are both simple and straightforward. The documentation is easy to understand and complete. If you need either sideways or banner printing, or both, Twist and Shout is a good package and a good value.

This comes packaged similar to the Presto software in that it has a small manual, 1 - 5.25 disk that looks like a copy of the program, 1 - 5.25 disk that is original that might not work because there is another disk that is the same that has written on it "replacement". This is version 1.02 for the Osborne..not sure if it is for the osborne original or executive.

I am not sure what they are worth as I could not find it anywhere on ebay or much less on the internet. Give me an offer. Shipping should not be much, say $5 to anywhere in the US via usps media mail.