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April 13th, 2006, 04:54 PM
I've got some nerve in posting this - cause we (as humans) all like to have this. Some people though have it more than others & I just hit a point where I have to post it! ;-)

After reading the Celestine Prophercy (which I posted about earlier) - you start to analyse everyone around you with the way they are & what their doing - which is probably why I'm posting this!

My teacher seems to have some trick in trying to get their way or hit the highway (if you know what I mean). As students - or as said in other classes we're not students - which maybe the key to this whole issue, in which a couple of us have read this book try & negotiate - occassionally if we're doing something for the teacher we might get one back on them, but most of the time it's their way or the highway. My query is (which sounds somewhat stupid) - how do you deal with them?

If anyone has stories like this where their've beaten someone at their own game - or is there another game to play with them? Do tell! ;-)

I know it's perhaps really bad doing this - cause to perhaps beat them, you become one of them, for just once though I'd like to do something differently & demonstrate that it's simply not a case of yeah or neh!

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