View Full Version : 286 mainboard issue

April 15th, 2006, 10:40 PM
This evening, I started a project, called "The World's Coolest 286"
OK, I got everything in, and it booted to the bios screen. I went to set everything up, and saw something rather odd. There are only two options for the hard drive setup. Option (1) was for MFM support, and Option (2) was for RLL, there were no other options. I want to use a samsung 120MB drive I have, it is IDE, and I have an IDE controller in it, with FDD on the same card. The Floppy drives work well, but I cannot configure the HDD.
The board is a DTK PTM-1230C, and the controller is a generic winbond job.
Here is the manual for the board. http://www.thegreenhouse.us/th99/m/C-D/30007.php

Info on project:
I am installing everything in a modded case, which I modified the power button up front(original atx) to hold a at power switch.
286 12MHz with the full 1MB RAM(WoOT!)

Terry Yager
April 15th, 2006, 11:30 PM
Perhaps an overlay program could trick the BIOS into thinking it's looking at an MFM drive?


April 15th, 2006, 11:34 PM
I did a web search, and couldn't find anything fitting the needs.
It sounds like something really obscure, do you have any specific links?

Terry Yager
April 15th, 2006, 11:50 PM
Umm, sum'n like OnTrack Disk Manager might do the trick. Try Seagate's website for a copy (possibly).


April 16th, 2006, 11:05 AM
The software didn't work.
I have a plan B however!
I will make "The world's coolest 386"