View Full Version : Update Home Made TI tape cable

March 12th, 2012, 02:00 AM
Well, my cable was built ok, except for one goof.

I blame the obscure and cryptic pin out descriptions scattered on the net.

On the MIC cable, I reversed the hot and gnd, aka the sleeve and tip wires.

My EAR wires were fine.. tested along side the real thing (that I got off ebay) using a continuity tester.


Got my tape of the EXTENDED BASIC games converted to *.WAV's which DO WORK when playing back from a modern laptop, out the soundcard, and into a real TI machine.

I think it was the "modern tape player" I had before which was to fault.

Also, probably the audio level was too low.


And by accident, I found the exact same programs already in DSK1 format for emulators, .. BUT.

On my underpowered laptop, the emulator runs sluggish.

So, it's much more fun to run the games on my real machine.


It's good I found the emulator ready copies of the programs, cause the CS1STR (whatever) program which was supposed to take actual recordings of the programs and decode them into files, worked ONCE, with errors, then failed to work ever again.

I was not happy with the program..


Ordered some of the nicer joysticks off eBay, they should be here soon.

Going to tinker with XB programming again, now that my toy is in working order again.