View Full Version : Windows 3.11 midi mapper help with SB16 a LAPC-I installed : can't import mapping

March 20th, 2012, 03:17 PM

today I installed win3.11 on my p200mmx dos machine... everything runs OK but I don't really get the MIDI MAPPER stuff... let me explain with nice pictures :p

a: this is the midi mapper without the SB16 installed, it has some default devices and I just added LAPC-I (driver in devices) :


and here is the LAPC-I's settings:


nice stuff and the sample windows midis sound fine :cool:

b: then I add the latest SB16 driver and I have these devices:


seems fine, sfx work fine , FM works and the DB50-XG works too... but the LAPC-I setup in MIDI Mapper is deleted. The SB16 driver just replaces midimap.cfg with it's own and does not care about any other devices.
So I just add manually a LAPC-I setup:


that looks like this after I edited the channels:


there are no patch map names to choose from so all channels are "none" and not mt32 ones... So I just made it to look like the original LAPC-I midimap.cfg ... is this correct? LAPC-I does work for midi but since the SB16 setup also deletes patch maps it sounds VERY wrong... :crazy:

So what I am doing wrong? what do I miss? :mad: I don't see an option to import/export settings from midimap.cfg ...

I would really welcome some feedback on this :(

Thanks in advance for any info/help!

March 21st, 2012, 04:37 AM
I have manually added the SB16 maps in the original 3.11 MIDIMAP.CFG , so now you get all without losing patches etc...

If anyone cares I have attached the file here , better have SB16 installation complete and overwrite midimap.cfg, then just overwrite with the one in the zip to have all the goodies :)