View Full Version : twilight 2000 expansion "the colonel": was it a retail release?

March 23rd, 2012, 10:19 AM
i posted this a few years back on a diffrent forum with no luck but i figured maybe this one was a bit more classic pc savey. anyways i've hit the same situation lately with an supposed add-on for the pc game twilight 2000. TW2K isn't a very obscure game and there seems to be a fair amount of information on it readily avaliable but besides about 2 refrences i can't find anything at all on its suppposed expansion "the colonel". whats in this expansion? was it a retail release? who knows. i can't find images of the box, nothing but the standard game on the ebay. no faq on gamefaqs.

i basicly have a quick refrence to it on wikipedia and
this site seems to have it for download for $6.00 (it won't even give you any information on it besides file size before you pay)
but i really want to know what its composed of.

I was able to get ahold of Mr. Don Wuenschell whom was the programmer of the origional Twilight 2k game and he had this to say

"I left Paragon at the end of Twilight 2000 so, unfortunately, I did not work on the expansion. However, I do remember some things about it as I was still interested in what they were doing with the title. I believe I can recall seeing the expansion in the stores but only for a brief time and I think it was bundled with the original title. It was also a download from the company website. I believe it only gave additional missions, weapons, vehicles, etc."

i also talked to someone there that worked as an artist later in the companies life but they had no information to add.