View Full Version : need help compaq n1020v

April 3rd, 2012, 01:00 PM
yeah i really need some advice here for a compaq n1020v laptop, i'm getting horrible graphics performance after a reformat and reinstall of windows xp and i don't have a clue why and it's especially on opengl games and games as old as quake 1 almost doeasn't want to work run via a opengl client, even my old voodoo3 2000 16mb pci does quake more justice so this is really bizare.
When playing quake i can more the mouse freely but as soon as i thouch the keyboard it lags with about 1sec and the mouse can't be moved before the lag stops but the screen still renders and the char moves forward.
Btw resolution doesn't matter, does it even at default settings.

The card is supposed to be a ati igp 340m but i'm starting to wonder if i'm missing some driver, i think i've even installed the agp gart driver.

Please help i'm at my whits end with this... i should never have reformated :(

April 4th, 2012, 01:30 PM
Oh nevermind, managed to fix this by reinstalling xp again sigh... atleast the card works at full speed now tho now i'm started to find other problems.
I've once upgraded this laptop's cpu to a intel pentium 4-m 1.6ghz from a intel celeron 1.5ghz hurr...
Anyway today i thought i'd check how the heatsink paste was doing and would you know it, it's paper thin and dry as hell sigh well guess i should add some new but when i went to screw the heatsink on again 1 of the 4 screws broke :( but i guess it works with 3 for the moment anyway.
At the same time i checked the cpu fan and it seems to have trouble starting, sometimes i've "poked" it with something and it jerks into gear, added some "oil" to the bearings and that "seemed" to have helped but still sometimes the fan just won't start-
Btw it's not 1 of those fans that are always on.