View Full Version : Signal Board CPU/ Windows 95

April 5th, 2012, 06:23 AM
I have a Tektronix RFA-300 ATSC (digital television) analyzer that I am working on. Tektronix no longer supports it but it's one of those things that cost huge amounts of money when it was new and also to replace it so being that it belongs to a public television station and they have no money thatís why I am interested in trying to repair it. The system runs Windows 95 and uses a signal board Radisys PSF-070 200 MHz card that is different from any other signal board that I have seen. Unlike most signal board systems of that age that have an ISA 16 bit edge connector followed by a PCI connector this thing has what appears to be a PCI connector then a large space between with what looks like a second PCI connector. What worse is that the expansion board this plugs into also supports both sets of connectors and a couple of the Tektronix cards also use this second mystery connector. The signal board computer supports internal VGA, two IDE, SCSI and a huge ribbon cable that connects to a front panel with touch screen and floppy. The system goes thru post and test memory and loads up to the point of reading the HD but never loads anything from the drive. At first it was interment and you would have to restart and run scandisk to recover the system but now it never gets beyond loading the HD. I tried a different HD and was the same thing, I started installing Windows 98 on the new HD before it completely died, the odd thing is I can go into set up and tell the system it has no fixed drives except the floppy and the system won't boot from the floppy and I have also tried moving the HD from the primary to the secondary drive but that makes no difference. It's like this thing gets hung up waiting for a response from the HD every time because you can see the system get to the HD in post and then the HD light comes on but it just hangs there.