View Full Version : UK or Irish owners of IBM 5150 (documentation): Can you help?

April 24th, 2012, 05:13 PM
I am looking for someone who owns the original Guide to Operations (GtO) that came with original IBM PCs (model 5150) that were sold in the United Kingdom or Ireland.
I'm trying to find out if this GtO –that UK or Irish PC buyers got– was different from the one that came with IBM 5150 PCs sold in the US.

Ultimately I'm looking to obtain the GtO that's "correct" for a UK/Irish-retailed IBM PC. Some GtOs are available on eBay from US sellers from time to time, but I don't know if such a GtO would be identical to a UK/Irish one.

If you own the Guide to Operations for an original IBM PC (5150) that was sold in the UK or Ireland, could you have a look at if for me? There should be an IBM Part Number on it (that would be similar in format to 6361132 (that's the BASIC docs) or 6183485 (that's the DOS docs)). I just need someone who can tell me the parts number, so I can know what I should look for. If you could do me even more of a favour, it would be extra brilliant if you could post pictures or scans of the GtO folder's spine and table of contents. (The Guide to Operations is basically a three-ring binder containing half-letter sized paper sheets. It also would originally have come in a slipcase.) If you were even willing to sell a UK/Irish IBM 5150 GtO, that would be even better, but my financial means are currently quite limited, so even just knowing which is the correct GtO would go a long way for the time being.


I have a PC (i.e. IBM 5150) that was originally bought in the United Kingdom. However, it was originally sold by an IBM authorised vendor/reseller and that original seller way back then supplied what seems to be the wrong GtO, because it says Personal Computer XT on it (and that's for the 5160, a different machine). The machines being similar, this never bothered the original owner and the mistake in the supplied documentation went uncorrected until I got the 5150. I am now trying to get the correct GtO for a UK/Irish 5150 (and sell or possibly even swap with the "wrong" 5160 GtO that I have).

Any help, even just referrals to someone who has an original IBM PC (with documentation) in the UK/Éire would be very welcome.