View Full Version : New toy! Macintosh LC I

April 26th, 2012, 02:36 PM
Just got home from picking up a new toy! =)

A working Mac LC, monitor and printer, and its not very yellow either! :D

The LC and the Monitor both sport original boxes, bags and sytro etc! Missing the manuals though. Paid $30, and couple hours driving because of traffic. Not a bad deal imho!

Pictures to come soon! :D

April 27th, 2012, 09:15 PM
No pictures yet, but I just got done cleaning her all up. Inside looks like brand new now. Upgraded the 40mb hdd to 80mb. Installed os 7.0.1 so far, and she's humming away beautifully! Upside is the cmos battery is new, guy replaced it around Christmas, last time he played with it. No expansion cards, but does have 10mb ram. So guess next step is to obtain a LC PDS network card and 512kb vram cache simm. And boy is this chassis gleaming, its brighter then my mac classic. Almost zill yellowing, except where you hand would touch to turn it off. I forgot how greyish blue the cases really are! :D

Downside is it has some markings on it, trying hard to remove them. They were the markings from the school it was in when it started its life, basically the district and school numbers. That and a stupid lock thingy on the monitor too, to cable it down to a table. Maybe I can remove it but I doubt I will.

Also the box for the LC I received turns out to be the wrong model. Its for an LC II. Previous owner said they just sold them in whatever box was closest. At least I have one for the monitor. Maybe someone here wants an LC box, with styro and keyboard box, etc. I'll include it in the photos tomorrow. Maybe I'll just sell them both as a set, someone has to want the original boxes somewhere... Could pay for the gas I spent! >.< Wouldn't ask for much.

Pictures coming tomorrow. :thumbsup:

April 28th, 2012, 08:18 PM
Found a network card for less then $10 shipped brand new, so ordered that. Should arrive soon! Make my life ton easier then having to go floppy by floppy to transfer over software. :D

Here's 1 pic, I'll do more tomorrow when its light out and I can take some better photos. :)

The monitor is darker then my Mac Classic too, almost like its the same color as an IIgs. Under that monitor it you can see how really white it is! Never seen one this clean in years... other then that markings. DOH! >.<

Anyone know if I can share the LC's internet with the Classic through appletalk ports?

Edit: I found a few programs that would work, if I had an LC II. Best being IPNetRouter. Doh. None of them seem to work with 7.5.3 or lower, i think. Going to try older versions anyways tomarrow and see if I have any luck.I can't use 7.6 with a 68020, I need an 68030 cpu. DOH! >.<