View Full Version : Trying to convert 500 bauds CAS files to 1500 bauds

May 2nd, 2012, 03:04 AM
As I have recently set up a Model 4 diskless system, I'm exploring the CAS way to feed the machine with software. Most of the CAS files I've found have been created using the old 500 bauds format, painfully slow compared with the Highspeed mode of 1500 bauds that the Model 4 has.

Using PlayCAS, WAV2CAS and HighLow I've been trying to get some 500 baud files converted to 1500 bauds; but with no luck. I've been exploring to different approaches:

1) PlayCAS managed to create the WAV file; but the audio seems that cannot be time stretched x3 using audio editors. Seems that the TRS-80 load routine doesn't like this.
2) Using the HighLow tool. It seems to create successfully a HighSpeed CAS file from the original slow CAS; but the result is even bigger (!?), appears corrupted when loaded in PlayCAS and of course, it doesn't loads using TRS32 emulator or the real thing.

Has anyone tried to fast load (1500 bauds or higher) CAS files on Model 3/4 machines?. Also, any recommendation regarding MP3 compression of WAV files?