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June 18th, 2012, 08:56 AM
I'm looking for help on booting a Cisco Content Engine 507 with linux.

Here are the machine's specs:

cisco content engine 507
pentium 3 600 MHz
18 GB ultra2 lvd scsi hard drive
16 MB flash memory
2 fastethernet ports
1 console port
1 external scsi lvd port

It runs cisco's Application and Content Networking System (ACNS) v4.1.1 -- which I can setup on my home network and telnet into, but that's about it, the proprietary commands on this unix-like system suck and you can't really do anything with the machine.

On the mother board there are:

40-pin IDE connector
34-pin floppy connector
PCI-express connector (i think)

I'm trying to boot the machine with a debian CD in a DVD-ROM drive connected to the 40-pin IDE connector.

The cisco image uses a custom boot kernel that resides in the flash memory -- you need to disable booting from flash to install a different OS.

In the BIOS setup, I've assigned: DRIVE C as the IDO 0/Pri Master, set the BOOT ORDER to start with DRIVE C, set seek at boot to IDE, and have the IDE DRIVE GEOMETRY for IDE 0 at Autoconfig, LBA. To disable booting from the flash memory, I have Custom Boot Deviec set to None, and Use Alternative BIOS Image disabled.

Still no luck at getting the machine to boot with the linux CD ... anybody have any tips?