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May 6th, 2006, 09:50 PM
This track is originally on the Realization album (or if you
have the compo CD which includes the Rewind/Realization
albums). It's a little song Johnny wrote (wonder where he is

Ask me why I don't smile,
Is there something troubling me,
Just open your eyes and look around,
And tell me what do you see.

Can you understand the things people do,
And the way they treat each other,
And tell me how far has man really come,
When today he's still killing his brother,

It makes no difference where you do it,
Or What mean you use,
I know if things keep going this way,
Everyone's gonna loose,
Everybodies gonna loose.

We're doing alright with material things,
You can tell by the way we live,
But if all these things man has learned how to do,
still hasn't learned how to give.

If you don't have the answers right now,
I'll see you after a while,
But if next time I still look this way,
You know why I don't smile.

Talk about my 2 cents, it's an interesting song though done
circa 1968.

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