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July 2nd, 2012, 02:20 PM

The Apple //c was manufactured by Apple Computer, Inc. from April 1984 to August 1988. It was the fourth in the Apple II line, and it was Apple Computer's first attempt to create a portable computer system. The IIc was the first system to use Apple's Snow White Design scheme, which was used in later Apple computers such as the Macintosh.

The Apple //c had improvements over the Apple IIe, such as:

The new CMOS-based 65c02 processor
Twenty-seven new processor opcodes
Fixes to the IIe ROM that allowed Applesoft BASIC to work with lowercase characters and an 80-column display
Mousetext display characters that allowed the creation of graphical user interfaces from text

The Apple //c had no expansion slots, which was a drawback. However, it had most popular cards built-in, including an Extended 80 Column Card, two Apple Super Serial Cards, a Mouse Card, and a floppy drive controller card. It also had a built-in 5.25" floppy disk drive, a new feature in the Apple II line.

Technical specifications (from Wikipedia:)


1.023 MHz 65c02
8-bit data bus


128 KB RAM built-in
32 KB ROM built-in (16 KB in Rev0)

Expandable from 128 KB to 1 MB (Rev1 and later, or with 3rd party expansion board)

40 an 80 Columns text, 24 lines
Low-Resolution: 40 x 48 (15 colors)
High-Res: 280 x 192 (6 colors)
Double Low-Res: 80 x 48 (15 colors)
Double High-Res: 560 x 192 (15 colors)


Built-in speaker, 1-bit toggling
User adjustable volume (manual dial control)

Built-in storage
Slim-line internal 5.25" floppy drive (140 KB, single-sided)
Internal connectors

Memory Expansion Card connector

Specialized chip controllers

IWM (Integrated Wozniak Machine) for floppy drives
Dual 6551 ACIA chips for serial I/O

External connectors

Joystick/Mouse (DE-9)
Printer, serial-1 (DIN-5)
Modem, serial-2 (DIN-5)
Video Expansion Port (D-15)
Floppy drive SmartPort (D-19)
12-Volt DC connector input (DIN-7, male)
NTSC composite video output (RCA connector)